My first blog.

A little about me…

Well, this blog is one of my “bucket list” things, and for some reason it’s more frightening than standing on stage in a bikini and heels.  (I’ll get to that). Why is it so scary? I grew up not knowing how to read or spell.  When I was in the 5th grade they told my parents I had a learning disability, but didn’t know how to teach me.  I don’t blame any teachers or my family for my learning issues.  I think I was to young to know HOW I was able to learn.  I was really good at taking test.  I always knew the stuff but I was unable to commucate what I knew because I didn’t know how to write it down. I went through the rest of my school years as an average student. It wasn’t until college when I realized why I was so good at taking test.

I learned that I did know words that someone told me or read to me,  we’ll use the word “ten”  for this explain.  I was able to remember what “ten” sounded like, so when I saw bigger words with the word “ten” in it I knew what that part sounded like and would then piece the rest of the word together from the rest of the sentence.  I could use the word “Sentence” but because I am a personal trainer I will use “extension”.  I knew what “ex” sounded like, and I had seen “sion” before, so they all come together!  You can image how long it took me to study for Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II. ha 🙂

After learning HOW I able to learn, things got a lot easier.  I graduated college with a 3.3 GPA with a double major and a minor.  I still make a lot of mistakes when I type, spell, and as you can already tell some grammar things.   But for the past two years I have wanted to build a blog and website that I would be able to share my life with people more than I through Facebook and Instagram.

As I said above I am a Personal Trainer.  My job is to help people overcome their fears of failure, embarrassment, and even success daily. I have not been facing my biggest fear until today.  Why is this such a big deal to me? I’m fearful that I will look “stupid” or “unprofessional” or that because I have a tough time reading that I don’t know what it takes to me a great trainer or coach.  But I am doing it today to show people you don’t have to be perfect to face your fears! Just take it one step at a time… before you know it you will be looking back at that obstacle or fear with new energy! You (and I) can accomplish anything you are willing to stand up against! 🙂 So Fear of writing this blog is now over with! 🙂 YAAAA! HAHA


What FEAR is holding you back from the live you want to life? Or how did you overcome that fear?