Tips for Healthy Eating on Vacation

Cousin Eddie: I don’t know why they call this stuff hamburger helper. It does just fine by itself, huh? I like it better than tuna helper myself, don’t you, Clark?

Clark: You’re the gourmet around here, Eddie.


(sigh) Vacation! For “normal” people it’s a welcomed time.  But what if you’re someone that is on a healthy eating plan? If you are one of these people, like myself, you have 3 options:


B) Zip yourself in your tent and yell, “I’m not coming out until all the smore’s are gone!” pouting.

C) Find YOUR balance! I say YOUR balance because your balance may be different than mine.

As most of you know (because it’s all I talked about for 2 weeks) I was on vacation/ honeymoon last week.   If you know me you know, I picked C.   Below is how I found my balance.  I hope this helps you if you’re heading out for vacation.


1. Make a game plan.

When I was in training for a show last year I had a trip planned to Chicago for St. Patrick’s day.   If you haven’t been to Chicago for St. Patrick’s day… It’s one of those bucket list thing.  If you go take me! 🙂

On that trip I knew I was going to drink, so I knew I had to workout and eat right.  I set a limit to my drinks that weekend and made sure I got a hour workout in every morning.  I even made protein pancakes for everyone. 🙂

I also packed food in a carry on cooler in baggies so I knew I would have the right proteins, carbs, and fats in my day.  Yes, You can bring cooked and packaged food like tuna packs on a plane.  A tip… don’t eat super stinky things… the rest of the plane will thank you.


2. Offer to do the shopping.

This vacation was one of the longest I’ve ever taken.  Because of that I wanted to make sure I had all the things I knew I needed to fit into my eating habits.

After I spoke to everyone that was planning on staying at the lakehouse for the week (about allergies, specially diets, likes/dislikes) I made a loose game plan for lunches and dinners, with a protein and veggie at each…. Some where special nights like going out.  For breakfast I brought gluten free oats and eggs.   (Below is a list of what I planned/happened that week. )

I had to buy for about 6 grown people for 6 days… which could have been a lot but we shopped deal and  Minnesota Meg (everyone needs a nickname in a blog) and I hit the Portland Farmer’s market.  It was amazing!!!  We got so many  fresh and locally grown veggies!

farmers market

We could have pick up meat there too but it was a little pricey.  We planned on everyone eating about 4-6 oz per(average) lunch and dinner.  So the next stop was Hannaford (local grocery store) for  gluten free, no nitrate deli turkey, ham, and hot dogs.  As well as chicken and burgers.

The funny moment (for us at least) was when I asked Minnesota Meg for help picking out some bread for the people that eat it…. (blank stare at each other) Neither of us could name the last time we pick out or ate bread…. as our friend J said… #healthypeopleproblems. ha.


3.  Start with a good breakfast.

I knew I was getting my carbs in… (they are up right now because of my new goals) So I planned for mostly protein and fats in the AM.  When you’re on vacation it’s easy to eat carbs, but the protein might be tough.  I had 1 protein cake with fruit and the rest of the time I had a eggs, some shredded cheese, greek yogurt, and a few blueberries.



4. K.I.S.S.

Over this vacation I learned I loved cooking for everyone.  I am no Julia Child, but I enjoyed putting it all together and severing the meal.  I know some of you are thinking… cooking for other people is not a vacation… But I kept it simple… no one died and everyone seemed to like it… or they are good liars… I’m not sure.  The point is if you aren’t a fancy cook don’t worry about it, get an idea of what people want to eat and make it they healthiest you can.


5. Keep your drinks in check

It is no secret I love wine.  This was my “let loose” thing.  I had a few glasses a day but I never passed the “drunk” mark.  I also made sure for every glass of wine I had, I have a 8 oz of water.  Remember it’s vacation… not college.  You want to enjoy your vacation, not spend it recovering from a hangover all day.


6. Don’t give in to food bullies.

They are out there.  The people that will say things to you about your healthy eating habits… in a teasing or rude way.  DON’T GIVE IN TO THEIR INSECURITIES.  Remember what I said at the start of this… It’s YOUR balance… not theirs.  They don’t have the goals you have…. They might feel uneasy because they see you eating healthy and they realize they aren’t.  They may not ever understand why you are doing what you are doing.  They don’t need to.  It’s your goal.  They don’t have to stand in front of judges in a little bikini, have heart issues, Or deal with getting sick from eating something your body is allergic to (lactose, wheat, corn, tomatoes… ya my mom is deathly allergic).

On the flip side- don’t be a crazy dieter- refrain from telling people what they should or shouldn’t be eating.   If they ask, you questions you can tell them, but remind them that you aren’t a nutrition coach, RN, or Doctor (unless you are, but even then you don’t know what’s going on in there body until you get a mental and habit history). Also, don’t give people the stink eye or drool on them if they are eating a bun!


7. Step away from the cake.

Funny enough there was no cake… Just GIANT BLOWPOPS!


But there where smore’s.  The week total of smore’s I ate… 4.  It’s not great… But I’m ok with it for me it was all about balancing a healthy weight and a healthier life.  If I was in a show prep would I have ate this like this no.  But that’s why I started this with MY and YOUR.  Maybe it will help to see that even a Coach/ Trainer/Bikini Pro is human too! 🙂

Keep Moving Forward.



Meals on Vacation:

Saturday- L- Chicken, veggies, sweet potato fries (Thanks Minnesota Meg they where great) D- Out

Sunday- THE LECONTE CELEBRATION (all day event) I planned on having 2 different meal plans for the “normal” people and my “show/gym” people. 

Normal people- Burgers, Hot Dogs, BBQ Chicken, my mother-in-laws orzo salad (it was good… yes I had some!) and chicken/penne/ broccoli salad. 

Show/ gym people- Chicken with Mrs. Dash, asparagus, broccoli slaw without the dressing, mixed greens salad,  (tomatoes and dressing on the side),  Jasmine rice.

What did I eat? – a Cheese Burger without the bun, salad, and 1/3 cup of the orzo! I know it’s not gluten free but it was still good.

Monday- BOSTON DAY- L- Minnesota Meg and I headed down to cross something off the bucket list! WALHBURGERS! I had the MELT it was tasty! D- lobster roll (yup with the bun)  (2 bread products in one day… I lived)

Tuesday- Friday L turkey, ham,  or chicken for everyone

Tuesday D- burger for the guys/ chicken, veggies,  rice for Abby Road and myself. 

Wed- D THE FRONT ROOM… Which is the Leconte’s favorite date night spot. ( I had steak and veggies)

Thursday- What it means to be from Maine- Seafood.  Lobster and Mussels and corn on the grill.

Friday- Special request for Pat’s Pizza from Mez. (I had 2 pieces)


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