Their success is not your failure.

I saw this amazing quotes last week:


Of course I thought right away of my upcoming competition.

In my sport I develop friendships with people that I stand next to… in a bikini…. and get judged on who has the better body… Ya! It can be a dangerous slope in to “hater mode”.

Even the most security person creeps on other competitor’s Facebook or Instagram and thinks… “damn… she has great (fill in the blank)…”  Then start to think less of your (fill in the blank).

For those that don’t do shows-  Here’s your world:

“Oh looking like Betty got a new car” or

“Frank is got a promotion” or

“Peg and Al are buying a BETTER house” …

Then you make the grumpy cat face…..

It’s human nature to want to be the best! We are wired for the “survivor of the fittest”.  Sure, there are some of us are more alpha people and may beat our chest a little more,  but we all want to be good, feel good, prove we can… the list goes on.

Whether your gut reaction is I NEED TO WIN AND THEY NEED TO LOSE! OR THEY ARE GOING TO WIN SO I WILL LOSE….  this isn’t Game of thrones!  If someone wins, doesn’t mean you lose.   So how do we play nice in the sandbox and not become green eyed monsters?

First, I think you need to be good with yourself.  If your parents pulled a Beverly Goldberg (if you don’t know who Beverly Goldberg is you are missing one of the best show on tv… THE GOLDBERGS) and told you, you were the best at everything… they lied There will always be someone better than you.  THAT’S OK! The real question is ARE YOU BETTER THAT YOU WHERE YESTERDAY? (Yesterday could be a day, a month, or years ago)… my point is ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE?

Next, it’s weird but try being happy for someone else… Even if they are your arch rival… and if they are a bad person.  I know, I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but you get nothing out of thinking negative thoughts about them.  Some people (hippies like me) think that if you send will-wishes to those negative people, you will have  better experiences with them.

But what about the people you care about… Are you a bad person if you get a kick to the gut when things go right for them and not you? I say, only if you stay in grump cat mode! SNAP OUT OF IT! THIS IS SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT.  Yes, it stinks when you don’t get everything you want but that doesn’t mean no one should get it.  If you care about someone you want them to be happy! Put your ego aside for the night and celebrate your loved one.  If you can let go of yourself just enough… it might bring you both closer.

As I’m about to step on stage with some of the BEST BODIES I’ve seen, I’ve had to remind myself that no matter what happens… everyone up there worked their ass off… and we all have things we are worried about.  But we shouldn’t worry about the person next to us. That person is more like you (me) than we know, and they have some of the same fears… So instead of adding to the list of things to worry about why don’t we celebrate our sisterhood! Step on stage, let our swagger shine, and celebrate all that we have accomplished with a spoon FULL of peanut butter!


Cheer ladies! I am honored and thankful to share the stage with you…. Sure I want to bring some cash money home with me… but that’s second to the friendships and moments I get to share with you… Plus there’s no taxes on that!


Keep Moving Forward!

One thought on “Their success is not your failure.

  1. Marijo

    I take a page from your book everyday! Always trying to improve myself physically and mentally. It’s a struggle but to have positive motivators like yourself is truly a gift. Thank you for being YOU!

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