What I am Grateful for…..

If you are someone that doesn’t like my sappy, cheesy, or silly post…. You may want to close this one now… IT’S ABOUT TO GET DEEP!

OK, now that those of your that like this kind of crap are here lets do it! …. Let’s talk about being grateful!  I know, I know I MIGHT over use the word… along with blessed, thankful, happy… and so on.  But I really am! HA  I haven’t always been… Which is why I talk about HOW I AM NOW.  And nope… not every moment is a sunshine and rainbow one (said as Rocky) … but when the storm clouds roll in I remind myself of the great things, making the storm less severe.  I’m not making this up…  study say, by writing down what your are grateful for daily for 3 week… your life satisfaction increases by 25%.

Every night I run through the day and list the things I’m grateful for.   I like to add a little memories (jokes or sappy things) to them… it really makes it stick.  Here’s some of my list:

The Husband, Superman, THE Big Guy, The Packer fan (one thing I am not grateful for)

The husband and Greenbay's trophies grrrr
The husband and Greenbay’s trophies grrrr

– People wonder why I call him Superman… it’s not because of his size and strong (even though CLEARLY that is one of the many things I have loved about him since I was 15) It’s because he swipes me off my feet and saves the day.  *See I told you sappy, cheesy, silly*  Even when he’s the one driving me crazy (which he does sometimes… I am human) Just the way he is, I can’t stay mad around him.  Maybe because he makes me laugh LOT! Or because he takes away all my anxiety.  I love when we just get in the car and go… any where without the cell phone.  Maybe it’s that since we were “kids” he was always able to pick me up to hug me… Or maybe it’s because we are both Weirdos! 🙂 Every day I’m thankful for the path our lives took to get us where we are.




– This dog is my best friend! He like my Husband…. make me laugh and has been my furry shoulder to cry on. (Not saying the husband has furry shoulders… you know what I mean) I am thankful for every time my alarm goes off he wakes me with puppy kisses… I’m also thankful I don’t sleep with my mouth open!

All dressed up
All dressed up



– Mom’s side. Dad’s side. The in-laws! All of them! My family is huge for support.  In the worst times they were there to take care of me… even from 1400 miles away.  Also, they put up with me! As so of you know, I am a Gemini… and my family has seen both sides of this Gemini.  They let me be the hyper kitty and give me space when I am the grumpy cat… but not to much because they also call me on that stuff pretty quick! Which I also appreciate.

Also my mom gives the best hippie (heart to heart) no joke she will chicken neck you until she gets your heart lined up to yours… This makes me smile.

Dad and Me
Dad and Me
My sister in laws and I at the MACY'S Thanksgiving day parade (bucket list)
My sister in laws and I at the MACY’S Thanksgiving day parade (bucket list)
My cousin... but more like sister Mo
My cousin… but more like sister Mo
Mom, My brother, and Me last xmas 2013
Mom 5’2, My brother he’s about 6’1, and Me 5’3 last xmas 2013 🙂


– One good thing about living in different states over the years are the people you meet…  it sucks when you move away from them. We are all in the real “Prime of our lives” so time is spared thin.  This makes us  great with the quick check-ins.

My friends are funnier than ours!
My friends are funnier than yours!


One of my favorite things is when my friend Megan says me a text almost every Wednesday saying “Mike Mike Mike” No matter what time of day or what I am doing,  when I open that text I Laugh out Loud!

PJ and I JAMMING out to JT probably in 2006. The one person that ALWAYS tell me if I'm F'ing up!
PJ and I JAMMING out to JT probably in 2006. The one person that ALWAYS tell me if I’m F’ing up!


I am also thankful for when they keep me in check.  My closet friends are the ones that tell me like it is… in a caring way.  I have so much respect for them!  I love that they care enough about me to not sugarcoat if I’m being unreasonable.


My Career

– The places I have been and the people I have meant in this path I have chosen blows my mind! Here it comes… I feel blessed for what I have been able to do.  I lived in the GREAT city of Chicago. Got Bevo. Got a ton of Education.  Meet some of the people I cherish most.

Minnesota Coworkers Club 1
Minnesota Coworkers Club 1
Minnesota Coworkers Club 2
Minnesota Coworkers Club 2

Boss, clients, co-workers, sponsors… everyone that I have worked with has shaped me into the female I am today! Yes, my job is to help OTHERS  change their lives and achieve amazing goals… that they didn’t  know if they was possible. BUT when they chose me to help guide them on their path they give me some much more than a payment.  They gave me insight on about myself.

Maine Event 2014
Maine Event 2014
One of my Sponsors Portland Nutrition Corner
One of my Sponsors Portland Nutrition Corner

I’m at the point in my career that I only work with people that really want to achieve their goals.  That doesn’t mean I only pick people I get a long with.  I take on clients that are hard working and that challenge me to be a better coach and person.  They are why I keep learning, reading, and writing this blog.

Without my career and my clients I would be a hot head, reactive, unhappy girl/ woman.  It was through them I learned passions, empathy, and to keep moving forward!


So THANK YOU to all everyone that crosses my path! I am thankful for every insight you give me!


Before I add this blog here are some silly things I am thankful for:

-Reese Peanut butter Cups

-No setting an alarm


– Hair ties that don’t stretch out

– Wine DUH!

– Tina Fey, Amy Poelher, Mindy Kaling,Kristin Wig,  Melissa McCarthy… The cast of New girls

– yoga pants… another DUH

-puppies/ cats/ any animal thing online… oh and cute babies!

-picture of my friends and I from the ages of 18-25

Kara and I (age 24)
Kara and I (age 24)
HA! Chi town in Cail Jersey Beer Pong.  (age 24)
HA! Chi town in Cail Jersey Beer Pong. (age 24)

-Any SNL from…. well really any time.

– Katie-lee and Hoda (goal in life)

– coupons you will never use but keep just in case


-Frank Sinatra


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tell the ones you love what they mean to you! Have a laugh! It burns calories!

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