Hurry up and Wait.

What do you do when a moment turns into a bad day… which turns into a bad week?

By now you can probably got the idea that I’m more  a “Tigger” personality than an “Eeyore”.  (If you don’t know what I am referring to  read The Last Lecture… It will change your life).  With that said, this Tigger was in a very deep “funk” the first week of 2015.

Here’s a screen play of what was going on in my head:

Voice 1: “Great way to start the new year… brrr”

Voice 2: “Hey it will be ok…”

Voice 1: “Really? Because it doesn’t seem like that today.  I hate everything right now. ”

Voice 2: “Now, now.  You don’t hate EVERYTHING… ”

Voice 1: “Yup- Hair -hate it!

Skin- hate it!

Clothes- Hate them!

working out – hate it!

Most of all I hate that I feel like my life is all about Hurry up and weight”.

Voice 2: “At least you have something to wait for… Stop being a stick in the mud! Look you always tell people to focus on what you can control RIGHT NOW… It’s time to take your own advice!”

(end scene)

After giving myself some much needed tough love, I had a break through.  In the competition world we have a staying, “Trust the Process”.

That means when a client, friend, or even when I’m having a moment of doubt,  we are reminded that there’s a lot that can and will  happen between now and the day of the show.  All you have to do is follow what is laid out in front of  you and you will get where you want to be.

I realized “Trust the Process” can and should be used in EVERY goal you have.

– Keep your body fat at healthy levels

-When building muscle

-Quitting a habit that doesn’t serve you

-Staring your dream job

-Saving for a house

– Trying to get pregnant

Ha… These are just some ideas of goals… ok ok they are my goals.

Most of these goals are very “future” focused, making it hard to feel like I am “winning”.  BUT that is only because I was looking at them with doubt clouding my vision.

Whatever your goal is, set up “Stepping Stone” goals.  They can help you celebrate mini  “wins” every day.  If you are like me this will help you stay on track.  In the competition world we can these progress updates.

Things to remember when you set your stepping stone goals:

1- Make sure they line up with your long term goals.

2- Focus on a behavior more than an outcome goal.  Meaning If you want to lose x amount of weight in 3 months, make a weekly behavior based goals each week that will help you improve a habit that will lead to your end number.  (side note… word this behavior goal in the positive… stay away from “I wont eat cake” instead say, “I will get all my water in”).

3- Time frame- Like I said above, make it weekly.  I like to write the goal in my planner so I will reminded of it every day.

4- Be patience- AHHHHHH I What it all NOW! (yup I said that for each one of the goals listed) Here’s one of my deep moments… When you are so busy look at the future you miss the things that are happening in the present.  Every day something little is happening that in bring you closer to you goals. We just have to be aware.  (and grateful…)

I want it now

5- Celebrate the little victories!- with every step forward give yourself a little pat on the back.  YOU DID IT…. YOU’RE ONE STEP CLOSER!

In today’s world it’s instant everything… but goals are always going to be a work in progress.  Give yourself the time to reach, strive, and enjoy the ride.

Keep Moving Forward.

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