What Meditation Taught Me

A show of hands.  How many of your are thinking 5 different things at any given moment?  Good! I’m not the only crazy one.


In today’s world we are pulled in so many different directions, it is understandable to at times feel overwhelmed.  We start the day with our “To-do list” and as time ticks on, more and more things come up.  Being someone that gets satisfaction for crossing off the to do list, adding more to it can give me a little anxiety.

About 8 weeks ago I reached the tipping point for me.  I was making breakfast one morning and realized I started my oats, cutting my  apple, poured my protein shake, put my lunch in my bag… all without finishing one completely.  My head was spinning out of control.  I decided I had to get a grab.  I have realized I do these things when I am under/ causing myself more stress.

For a while I had been listening to a podcast at night that helped me unwind form the day.  It was great because normally I was sleep by the time the voice said “now feel the waves wash over your….zzzzzzzz”. It wasn’t great because all day I was stressed and it was taking my energy from other things in my life.  I realized I was being REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE.  Instead of letting myself get all worked up as the day went on and then relax, why not start the day with a sense of peace and clarity I was really looking for.

Now, like most of you may be thinking, how the heck can you sit (without moving) and no think of anything? Well like my fitness journey I decided to take it one phase at a time.

Phase 1:

I started to meditate for 5 minutes every morning.

inner peace

I didn’t make it a big production.  There was no candles, flowers, chimes, or pillows.  I did it mostly when I could, which was in my car before work or when I was blow drying my hair.  I know it’s not the way it “should be done” but I’m a rule breaker… just kidding… I just made it fight into my life. 

Phase 2:

At first I was a little frustrated because I thought I had to think of NOTHING… how is that possible? This isn’t Seinfeld!  I soon learned it’s not thinking about nothing.  Actually it’s the act of focusing your mind and thoughts back to a “center” or whatever your goal is for that meditation faster.

medate funny 2

To me meditation is practicing the discipline of getting your “energy”/ “focus” back to the your goal faster.   Every time you are able to “let a thought pass by” or in my case bring myself back to thinking  my goal, the more peaceful and focus you become. As you get better at doing this you are less distracted by little things that come in to your thought or even come up in your day. (Like obstacles, doubt, and fear) .


After doing this for 8 weeks I have seen a change in myself?

I don’t feel like the white rabbit running around worried about what I have to do next. This is a HUGE change for me.  I normally worrying about the emails I have to return or what the next thing on the “to-do list”.  I remember one of my mentors Stella tell me he practicing focusing on one thing at a time.  I was in my mid 20’s and I thought there is no way to do that and get things done.  I was wrong.

Meditation has helped me be more present… in the moment.  This is a work in progress and I’m ok with that.  I do feel I am getting better at enjoy the task, event, or person in front of me at that moment.  Just like Stella was trying to tell me- it would helping me be a better trainer, worker, friend/ family member, and wife.

Interestingly, it has helped with my workouts.  I’m no longer worried about what my body will look like in X weeks,  instead I  focus on what I am doing right now which will help me reach my goal.

In closing, don’t worry if your mediation does look like typical.  Start off slow and reminder you wont be perfect.  The important thing is that it helps you in the ways you need it.   There is no right and wrong… just what is best for you.

Yes, this made me LOL
Yes, this made me LOL

Namaste and stuff! 🙂

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