Bye Bye Bingo Wings! Triceps workout

Helllloooo! Did you miss me? It’s been to long, I know.  I will write about my absences soon, but today lets get back into the swing of things with a few exercises.

We’ve covered the Glutes and Abs… now for the 3rd most asked for area… the back of the arm aka Triceps.

First a little education:

Triceps are not just Bingo wings… and yes through diet and exercise you can wave “Hi” with just your hand…not your whole arm.

The Triceps are made up of 3 “Heads”  Long, Lateral,  and Medial.  Each head of the muscle work together to extend your arm at the elbow.


The Triceps are worked when ever you straighten your arm under resistance.  Resistance can be a dumbbell, barbell, or your own weight.  You can isolate the muscle (working mostly just that muscle) or as a compound movement (working with another muscle).

Example of an Isolated movement: Pull down or Push down. See video below

Compound movement: Push up, bench press, Dips, close grip press. These all work Chest and Shoulders as well.   See video below

So why do you want to work the Triceps?

Real world- It makes any daily thing you do that straightens your elbow easier.  (Reaching for anything)

Vanity- Give your upper arm a great shape.


If you have any shoulder problem be aware of extreme range of motions (like dips).  ALSO PLEASE for the love of god do not swing the weight and move at your shoulder when you are doing a Triceps Kickback.  It’s better to use lighter weight to isolate the muscle instead of trying to use a heavier weight and have to pull in other muscles.


Triceps Push or Pull down

Tips- Relax your shoulders. Keep your chest up. Only move at the elbow. Press your upper arm against your body.


Incline Skull Crusher or French Curl (You will see this exercise called both)

Tips- Keep your elbow and should inline, bend at the elbow… don’t hit yourself in the head!

Tricep Push ups


Keep your upper arms by your body.  Move at the elbow… not the shoulder blazes.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bingo Wings! Triceps workout

  1. Stephanie

    Great post! Good to have you back. One question – were you moving slowly to show the exercise or is it best to do them very slowly?

    1. Great question Stephanie. Your speed is important when doing your sets and reps. This speed is called your tempo, and can vary with different exercise or phases. For starting out think of working a tempo of 3 (contract) 1(hold) 3 (eccentric)

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