Sissy that Walk: Down the Road to the Cup- Part I

When I stepped off stage last year I thought I was walking away from competing.  I thought my competing years had come full circle, I placed in the same spot I did in my very first show.

I’m what you call a planner, or as Mark Wahlberg’s character in “Pain & Gain” so proudly said “I’m a doer!” Now that I was done competing it was time to started researching my next big goal.  Part of being “a doer” is believing that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU TRULY WANT TO, but this year I was slapped in the face with reality. Even though you can do anything you set your mind to, sometimes there are factors outside of your control that you must work with. To make a long story short, these factors were telling me that my goals were not the right goals for me at this time.  It didn’t mean I wouldn’t achieve them, just that I needed to consider a different timeline.

So now you have “the doer,” the planner, with nothing to do.  Those little voices in my head (yes you read that right, you know you have them too) yelled “It’s time Kristy… pull the clear heels back out”.  I listened and said back (this is what makes me crazy by definition right?) “If I’m doing this I’m not f’ing around… I’m going to win.”

Some of you might think that seems odd… will win?… Haven’t you already won before Kristy? NOPE. I have never won a show.  Yes, I have placed at a lot of shows, but never won the overall.  Even my pro card was at a double pro qualifier, a show where two pro cards are giving out, at which I was the runner up. I know boo-hoo Kristy, you haven’t won when some people don’t even place.  Well, I’m sorry to those that haven’t placed, but I was tired of being a bridesmaid, never the bride. Your hippie-girl, girl-next-door types can want to win just as much as the bitchy cocky girls!

To be coached or not to be coached… that was the answer!

Normally I do my own prep because I’m cheap, really no other reason. But after speaking to a very respected bodybuilder about my “bridesmaid-ness,” I took his advice and hired a coach to help bring me towards the end of my prep.

As a “hear me roar” kind of woman, I really wanted to hire a woman.  I interview a few coaches, but none of them had “it.” There was one coach that did keep popping into my world, Andrew Berry; clearly not female. After speaking with him a few times I felt that working with him was the right decision. It was on like Donkey Kong.

What did I like about Andrew?

– He was strict.  No BS with him.  It was not a IIFYM diet, it wasn’t bro science, and it was based on real whole foods.  I was told what and when to eat. This works well for me because I really like the structure.
– He pushed me to try different types of exercise.
– He was, and is, very science-based and does the research behind EVERYTHING he recommends.
– He gives you the WHY behind the food, supplement, exercise.
– He didn’t let me doubt myself, but he also didn’t sugar coat anything.
– He cared about all my goals, not just my competitions.
– I had the goal, the coach, and the plan… now it was my job to do the work; and work I did!  I busted my ass. I pushed heavier weights, did my cardio, was in bed at 9pm and up at 3 am.  I even did the poor woman’s sauna (Where I kept my sweats on in my car with the heat on in the summer) HA … this was my idea not Andrew’s… we had a good laugh about it.

2015 Progress June to October
2015 Progress June to October

KC Classic

Before I could win the Yorton Cup (the IFPA’s World Championship) I had to qualify just to be able to step on that stage. At the time there were only two show left that I could compete in, The KC Classic and the Gaspari Pro.  Because I wasn’t going to compete this year, I wanted to keep my word that I would support my girlfriend as she competed in the Gaspari. So it was off to Kansas and Missouri (we never knew which state we were in at any given time while we were there!).

I like traveling for shows.  I try to make a mini vacation out of it. My girlfriend Megan was AMAZING and came to be my tanner (and butt gluer- a VERY important person to have “on staff” come show day!) With Andrew, Megan, my sponsor (Portland Nutrition Corner) and the support of friends/family I felt great.  It was the best I have ever looked.  Yes, competitors say that a lot, but if they keep getting better, which is normally the goal, it can be said every time.  But alas, I was a bridesmaid yet again, coming in second place. I wasn’t upset about the placement.  In this sport it can be the littlest things that will separate first through fifth place. I didn’t see it as a set back. I actually thought of second place as a motivator. I was so close to first place, I thought “I CAN DO THIS… I CAN WIN.”

One step closer to the cup… Stay tune for part two this week.

My second place first at the KC Classic 2015
My second place first at the KC Classic 2015

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