About Me

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2005.  I was honored to work for one of the largest company in the fitness field. After 7 years I moved back to my home town and started working at a small but amazing family owned gym.

I have my NASM- CPT, PES, CES. Peak Pilates,  New Leaf Metabolic tech, Precision Nutrition. My education helps me notice movement patterns and gives me the knowledge of the chemical make up of the food we eat, but it has been my  life experience that helps me relate to my clients’ emotional and mental obstacles.

My view on health and fitness is to make small behavior changes what will help you achieve your outcome goals.  It’s not easier to break old habits, but it’s not impossible.  Everything you do in life gets easier with time, you just have to give yourself that time.

I have a couple tag lines I live by:

“Look good. Feel good. Play good… in Life”

This could be competing in a show or losing 10-100 lbs. It’s all about YOU!

“Keep Moving Forward”

Life is hard… for everyone.  The key to being healthy and happy is to keep moving forward.  I have this tattooed on my foot.  🙂 Even in the darkest times if you keep moving forward you will get through it! Also, when you keep moving forward you are not held back by anything in your past. (Mentally, Emotionally, Physically)

Other facts about me:

In 2016, I became a mother to an amazing baby girl. This not only changed my life but also opened my eyes to the world in a new way.  After being pregnant and giving birth I realized  “we don’t know what we don’t know”.  I am happy I was able to see the world from this point of view and have added it to my coaching and lifestyle.

I co-host a podcast called Champion Chat 360.

I compete as a Natural Bikini Pro in the IPE (formally known as the IFPA), and the OCB.  I also compete as in the NPC.


-NPC North England Classic 2nd place class C.


-IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Bikini Champion

-IFPA KC international Pro Bikini 2nd place


-IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Bikini 5th place

-IFPA Gaspari  Pro Bikini 2nd place

-IFPA Ms Minnesota Natural Pro Bikini 6th place


-IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Bikini 4th place

-OCB Cape Cod Classic Bikini 1st place Open A, Pro card winner (runner-up)

-OCB Maine Event Bikini 2nd place

-OCB Battle of the Boston Naturals Bikini Novice A 1st place, Open A 1st place

-OCB Pine Tree Bikini 5th place


Email me at kristyleconte@gmail.com



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