Meghann’s Story

Life isn’t about being “fat” or “skinny”, it’s about being comfortable in your on skin. It’s all about what’s going on between each ear. This is Meghann’s story and how she realized that being “skinny” and “living” off of 700 calories a day wasn’t actually Life. 


When I sat down to right this blog post for Kristy I was really focused at first on how to tell my story without making myself sound pathetic. Then I realized that much of what has happened as a result of my decisions is kind of pathetic. So be it. It is my story.

I married when I was 20. The day I walked down the aisle my dad said to me before we walked down the aisle you don’t have to do this and I said I know Dad and I bawled all the way down the aisle because I didn’t want to do it. I was so afraid to disappoint people- this became a running theme for my 20’s.

I was married for 10 years to a good man. We had three beautiful kids together but I wasn’t happy and in the end I don’t think either of us was. There were a lot of mistakes on my part and the experience of divorce took a toll on my family that was unrelenting for years to come. I have spent many years trying to reconcile the guilt I feel for how the divorce impacted the three people that I love the most my children. Nothing could ever take that scar from them and I constantly worry that the pain will follow them forever into their adult lives where they may become unable to have a happy successful relationship. This is my why- it is critical that I give them the best Mom I can be.

It was then that I found out that although I couldn’t control my kids’ feelings, my feelings, the stress of covering all the costs alone, and my future what I could control was my weight. I felt so small and I developed a mindset that my outside should match my inside. It was then that I lost 15 pounds of muscle and became a shell of my former self. People at work started to ask if I was sick, family members worried that I was on drugs and my kids even would wrap their arms all the way around me and tell me I was way to small.

When I first met Kristy I told her how I was proud of my ability to live on under 1000 calories a day. I told her about my extensive Insanity/ cardio workouts and how I was so very proud of my ability to be 5’9 128 pounds. She looked at me with a smile and support and provided me with a lifting/eating plan for 30 days.

The first month with her I struggled to eat the food that she told me to eat. It was a complete change of mindset for me. I literally was living on two meals a day before I met her. Now I eat 5-6 times a day with reminders from my body that actually recognizes hunger again.

I am proud to say that I stuck with it and trusted her advice. With her advice I have gained 8 necessary pounds. That 8 pounds means  normal menstrual cycles and no more foggy brain. I now have a strong muscular body.

Most importantly and I cannot stress this enough- My outside matches my inside in a way that I am proud of.  I am connecting with my children in ways that I wasn’t able to when I was surviving on 700 calories a day. I am seeing the little moments in the day that I know I was missing before when I was foggy and grumpy from lack of food. I know that this change that I have made in my life thanks to Kristy’s guidance will allow my children to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. My goal is that the Mom I bring them every day is the strong, loving, funny and smart Mom they deserve.


What NOT to do when preparing for your first show



The other day I was speaking with a woman that is starting her first competition prep.  I asked if she had any questions for me.

She did, “What is a mistake you made, that you would change?”

Huh! That is a great questions that I don’t get really ever.  Normally I’m asked what my secret is, which we have already established is hard work and discipline. This question is great because this sport is a bit of a guessing game, because the target is always moving. I asked a few IFPA Pro’s that I respect because they are genuine, thoughtful, and really tell it like it is. It was interesting but not shocking that a lot of the IFPA Pros had the same thoughts when I asked them this question.





Don’t stalk girls Instagram fitness models and think that the process is so beautiful and easy because it’s not in reality ins very challenging. People tend to follow these “model” accounts and think you should look shredded everyday all year! It’s just not realistic.




Don’t have expectations. …if you place first or last,you are doing something that the majority of people would not be able to endure..if you walk on that stage knowing you have done everything in your control to be your personal best YOU have already won.




Don’t forgot you need carbs (you and your coach will figure out how many and the other details)!


jenn samm


Do not compare yourself to other competitors that you see on social media! I’ve seen more than my fair share of newbies literally drop out after being PSYCHED out!




Don’t to worry about the placing. This is a subjective sport and you can’t let that ride or die on the fun you should have during the day. Your first show is always a huge learning curve. Take the time to look around, talk to other competitors and learn what worked for you and what didn’t.




Don’t Be Nervous on Show Day: Chill out, relax, breathe. . You did it. You won. This is the culmination. You’ve stuck to the plan, you’ve sacrificed your lifestyle, you’re better. I always tell people, “This is the graduation!”. By completing this process, you’ve just grown immensely. Go on stage, do what you’ve prepared to do, and celebrate.

Remember.. Focus on becoming more, rather than obtaining more. There is joy in the process.


I’ll end with my DON’T… have to many chefs in the kitchen.   You will read, see, or even seek out advice from other… because you don’t know what you are doing! That’s ok…  you can try different theories, but you have to give each theory a chance to “work” or “not work”. When you do to many thing or change your plan to much you will never know what really worked for you.


Good luck to you and best wishes on your journey! Enjoy it… it’s one hell of a ride!

Sissy that Walk: Down the Road to the Cup- Part II

On to the Yorton

I had six weeks after the KC show to get a little leaner, but not to lean. No big deal right? BRRRR This is the tightrope we as Bikini competitors walk. If I lose too much weight then I would place lower for being too lean. If I filled out in a “bad way” I wouldn’t be lean enough.  In this time I fell “flat”  (for those that don’t know what that means- my muscles didn’t look as full/ my skin didn’t look as tight around my muscle).  Andrew saved the day by adding carbs/meal and cutting my cardio… so all and all “staying where I was, but a little lean” wasn’t THAT bad ha!



As the weeks ticked on I started to second guess myself a little. I thought maybe I should change my posing. I thought “maybe I can’t place 1st… Maybe I’m look too Girl-Next-Door and not enough Victoria’s Secret…. Maybe I want a doughnut!?”

Then I was reminded of the advice my husband, one of the best athletes I know, once gave me:

“There are hundreds of players just as good as Michael Jordan or LeBron James… the difference is that MJ and LeBron KNOW they are the best.”

Imagine what we could do if we stopped second guessing ourselves…. (deep stuff there)

Because I’m not MJ or LeBron, I left myself little reminders that I was capable of achieve my goal.

I put post-its around my house: in the bathroom, on my nightstand and on the fridge door. I made myself a poster of me and the Yorton Cup and made it my screensaver on my iPad and phone. No matter where I looked I was reminded of my goal and the outcome I was working to make come true.  Yes, I know I can’t control what happens when I walk on stage, but I did know I could walk out there feeling like THE Kristy Leconte. (cheesy but true).


Kristy going for the cup

Show Time

Normally the week leading up to a show I have a mental countdown.  This time it wasn’t like that.  People would check in on me… “How do you feel?” The answer… “Nothing. Really. It doesn’t seem like the show is in X days.” I was so focused on what I had to do in the moment that I wasn’t looking ahead.  During my cardio I put my hat on, hood up, closed my eyes and envisioned myself on stage (a tip from Andrew). With every meal I thought of how it was fueling my body to be the best it could be. With every posing practice I called upon my inner Diva, her name is Felicity.

The drive to the show was about nine hours.  I listened to a book I listened to earlier in my prep “The Champion’s Mind” which helped me stay mentally focused. There weren’t moments of doubt like I had in the past.

When I got to the check-in I was relaxed.  Normally I’d have a mini anxiety attack at that point. Maybe it’s the polygraph, or when they give you your numbers, that normally made me think and feel suddenly “this is real,” but this time… nothing.

Next, it was tanning time. Yvette and her team were amazing and took all the stress out of standing in a tent naked and cold! 🙂

After all of my “to do list” was done and it was just and my thoughts again, I wasn’t nervous. I visualized hitting my poses, my walk and being called as the Yorton Cup Champion over and over again.  I prepped my mind just like had done with my body.

Day of the show I drove to the venue cool as a cucumber, which again isn’t my normal state. I normally get a rush of heat, get watery eyed, with my heart racing, and it gets hard to breathe just for a minute. This time I was in what some athletes call a “flow state.”

Backstage I enjoyed seeing everyone I had stalked for months on Instagram and actually talking to them in person, but I didn’t lose sight of my goal. Oh don’t act like you don’t do it!

During prep judging I wasn’t moved at all, but I did realize that they put one of the competitors I knew would be one of the top competitors next to me. I didn’t focus on it. I just did what I had practiced for hours without second guessing myself (which yes… I had done on stage before).

I didn’t know where I going to place after prep judging, but you never know in this sport. I took the rest of the show to enjoy my time with my best friend and other competitors (really one of the best parts of show… the people you meet).

kristy yorton

Sissy that walk to the top five!

In our league our evening show is made up of our Twalks, a 60-90 sec stage walk that we do alone.  I enjoy this, but I normally just go with whatever music they play. This time I picked the song “Sissy That Walk” by Ru Paul (I watched a lot of Ru Paul Drag race during my cardio sessions). I knew every beat to the song… it was like Ru herself took over for the 90 secs (which was the longest I’d done before). I was in a little bit of “awe” with how great it felt!

Next thing I knew they were calling the top five out. I was the last one called. I was standing closest to the front of the stage, with each place I took a step closer to the remaining competitors.  Five, four, three… I took a deep breath and said to myself one more time (FIRST place Kristy). Second place was called… instantly tear rushed to my eyes.  HOLY SHIT… I DID IT! Cry face and all… I WON THE YORTON CUP (I’m a crier, ever since the first time I saw Bambi).  My best friend was there to hug, thank goodness because I was a little weak in the legs and in full cry at that point (thanks Heather… she hates hugs). By the time I was backstage the husband was there.  I threw my arms around his neck and he picked me up like he did on our first date 15 years ago.

The show was live-streamed and by the time I got to my phone I had a mess of text messages, facebook messages and posts, and a missed call from 2014 Yorton Cup Champion Danika Johnson. It was surreal! It wasn’t cloud nine…. it was higher than that! I had reached a dream I had strived for! Holy shit.. again I did it.

I know this post might not help you at first, but in closing (finally… this was a long post, I know) with no bullshit here (thanks Michael, Chuck, and Andrew for never letting me BS myself)… Stop getting in your own way.  For some reason we think everyone else has this secret power and that maybe if we just knew what that was we would be better. Well, I really hate to burst your bubble, but the only difference between you and “the winner” is… hard work. Listen…. the only thing that makes me different from you is probably time in the field, posing and understanding my body. Maybe you will come across a liar that says they didn’t have to diet or do cardio. Don’t let them fool you! It takes hours in the gym (both cardio and weights need to happen) and following an eating plan. Even IIFYM people cut down to chicken, turkey, rice and sweet potatoes in the end (don’t be fooled).

You will be at the gym for about 1-2 hours a day. You will eat 90% “clean foods”. You will get your sleep.  You might feel weird about eating out Tupperware, making a special order out or not eating with your friends and instead just going out with them to enjoy their company. This is only for a small period in your life. Like I’ve said in the past, remember your why! When times get tough (because they will, this is not an easy sport) you can cry a little, but suck that shit up and get back to working towards your goal!

YOU will get there! Keep moving forward.


Sissy that Walk: Down the Road to the Cup- Part I

When I stepped off stage last year I thought I was walking away from competing.  I thought my competing years had come full circle, I placed in the same spot I did in my very first show.

I’m what you call a planner, or as Mark Wahlberg’s character in “Pain & Gain” so proudly said “I’m a doer!” Now that I was done competing it was time to started researching my next big goal.  Part of being “a doer” is believing that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU TRULY WANT TO, but this year I was slapped in the face with reality. Even though you can do anything you set your mind to, sometimes there are factors outside of your control that you must work with. To make a long story short, these factors were telling me that my goals were not the right goals for me at this time.  It didn’t mean I wouldn’t achieve them, just that I needed to consider a different timeline.

So now you have “the doer,” the planner, with nothing to do.  Those little voices in my head (yes you read that right, you know you have them too) yelled “It’s time Kristy… pull the clear heels back out”.  I listened and said back (this is what makes me crazy by definition right?) “If I’m doing this I’m not f’ing around… I’m going to win.”

Some of you might think that seems odd… will win?… Haven’t you already won before Kristy? NOPE. I have never won a show.  Yes, I have placed at a lot of shows, but never won the overall.  Even my pro card was at a double pro qualifier, a show where two pro cards are giving out, at which I was the runner up. I know boo-hoo Kristy, you haven’t won when some people don’t even place.  Well, I’m sorry to those that haven’t placed, but I was tired of being a bridesmaid, never the bride. Your hippie-girl, girl-next-door types can want to win just as much as the bitchy cocky girls!

To be coached or not to be coached… that was the answer!

Normally I do my own prep because I’m cheap, really no other reason. But after speaking to a very respected bodybuilder about my “bridesmaid-ness,” I took his advice and hired a coach to help bring me towards the end of my prep.

As a “hear me roar” kind of woman, I really wanted to hire a woman.  I interview a few coaches, but none of them had “it.” There was one coach that did keep popping into my world, Andrew Berry; clearly not female. After speaking with him a few times I felt that working with him was the right decision. It was on like Donkey Kong.

What did I like about Andrew?

– He was strict.  No BS with him.  It was not a IIFYM diet, it wasn’t bro science, and it was based on real whole foods.  I was told what and when to eat. This works well for me because I really like the structure.
– He pushed me to try different types of exercise.
– He was, and is, very science-based and does the research behind EVERYTHING he recommends.
– He gives you the WHY behind the food, supplement, exercise.
– He didn’t let me doubt myself, but he also didn’t sugar coat anything.
– He cared about all my goals, not just my competitions.
– I had the goal, the coach, and the plan… now it was my job to do the work; and work I did!  I busted my ass. I pushed heavier weights, did my cardio, was in bed at 9pm and up at 3 am.  I even did the poor woman’s sauna (Where I kept my sweats on in my car with the heat on in the summer) HA … this was my idea not Andrew’s… we had a good laugh about it.

2015 Progress June to October
2015 Progress June to October

KC Classic

Before I could win the Yorton Cup (the IFPA’s World Championship) I had to qualify just to be able to step on that stage. At the time there were only two show left that I could compete in, The KC Classic and the Gaspari Pro.  Because I wasn’t going to compete this year, I wanted to keep my word that I would support my girlfriend as she competed in the Gaspari. So it was off to Kansas and Missouri (we never knew which state we were in at any given time while we were there!).

I like traveling for shows.  I try to make a mini vacation out of it. My girlfriend Megan was AMAZING and came to be my tanner (and butt gluer- a VERY important person to have “on staff” come show day!) With Andrew, Megan, my sponsor (Portland Nutrition Corner) and the support of friends/family I felt great.  It was the best I have ever looked.  Yes, competitors say that a lot, but if they keep getting better, which is normally the goal, it can be said every time.  But alas, I was a bridesmaid yet again, coming in second place. I wasn’t upset about the placement.  In this sport it can be the littlest things that will separate first through fifth place. I didn’t see it as a set back. I actually thought of second place as a motivator. I was so close to first place, I thought “I CAN DO THIS… I CAN WIN.”

One step closer to the cup… Stay tune for part two this week.

My second place first at the KC Classic 2015
My second place first at the KC Classic 2015

Hurry up and Wait.

What do you do when a moment turns into a bad day… which turns into a bad week?

By now you can probably got the idea that I’m more  a “Tigger” personality than an “Eeyore”.  (If you don’t know what I am referring to  read The Last Lecture… It will change your life).  With that said, this Tigger was in a very deep “funk” the first week of 2015.

Here’s a screen play of what was going on in my head:

Voice 1: “Great way to start the new year… brrr”

Voice 2: “Hey it will be ok…”

Voice 1: “Really? Because it doesn’t seem like that today.  I hate everything right now. ”

Voice 2: “Now, now.  You don’t hate EVERYTHING… ”

Voice 1: “Yup- Hair -hate it!

Skin- hate it!

Clothes- Hate them!

working out – hate it!

Most of all I hate that I feel like my life is all about Hurry up and weight”.

Voice 2: “At least you have something to wait for… Stop being a stick in the mud! Look you always tell people to focus on what you can control RIGHT NOW… It’s time to take your own advice!”

(end scene)

After giving myself some much needed tough love, I had a break through.  In the competition world we have a staying, “Trust the Process”.

That means when a client, friend, or even when I’m having a moment of doubt,  we are reminded that there’s a lot that can and will  happen between now and the day of the show.  All you have to do is follow what is laid out in front of  you and you will get where you want to be.

I realized “Trust the Process” can and should be used in EVERY goal you have.

– Keep your body fat at healthy levels

-When building muscle

-Quitting a habit that doesn’t serve you

-Staring your dream job

-Saving for a house

– Trying to get pregnant

Ha… These are just some ideas of goals… ok ok they are my goals.

Most of these goals are very “future” focused, making it hard to feel like I am “winning”.  BUT that is only because I was looking at them with doubt clouding my vision.

Whatever your goal is, set up “Stepping Stone” goals.  They can help you celebrate mini  “wins” every day.  If you are like me this will help you stay on track.  In the competition world we can these progress updates.

Things to remember when you set your stepping stone goals:

1- Make sure they line up with your long term goals.

2- Focus on a behavior more than an outcome goal.  Meaning If you want to lose x amount of weight in 3 months, make a weekly behavior based goals each week that will help you improve a habit that will lead to your end number.  (side note… word this behavior goal in the positive… stay away from “I wont eat cake” instead say, “I will get all my water in”).

3- Time frame- Like I said above, make it weekly.  I like to write the goal in my planner so I will reminded of it every day.

4- Be patience- AHHHHHH I What it all NOW! (yup I said that for each one of the goals listed) Here’s one of my deep moments… When you are so busy look at the future you miss the things that are happening in the present.  Every day something little is happening that in bring you closer to you goals. We just have to be aware.  (and grateful…)

I want it now

5- Celebrate the little victories!- with every step forward give yourself a little pat on the back.  YOU DID IT…. YOU’RE ONE STEP CLOSER!

In today’s world it’s instant everything… but goals are always going to be a work in progress.  Give yourself the time to reach, strive, and enjoy the ride.

Keep Moving Forward.

Reflect and Reach for the Stars

It’s that time of year… time to reflect… and set better goals.  Yup, I said “better”.  Why? Because there were a lot of great things that happen in 2014, but this is just a chapter in the highlight reel of life.

Before I step forward here’s my year in review. This is my vision board (a little more than a year ag0).


2014 vision

Why these things-

“At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it, but later they’ll ask you how you did it” – I wanted to do my Prep and live my life in the most healthy and “balanced” way.  I love competing but my passion is to help other reach their goals. (I joked with a friend that I want to be the Lorne Michaels of fitness… if you don’t know who Lorne Michaels is… we can’t be friends 🙂 )

There’s so much “stuff” out there that can turn people away from fitness/ competing.  I put myself through the process, got more education, and learned first hand the does and don’t so that I could then teach other… so they could have the best experience that they chose to.

2. I wanted to have 40 clients… I didn’t realize that my business would grow the way it did. My online business has grown more that I ever thought.  I am very thankful that I get to help people all over the U.S. and even in OOOOH Canada! 🙂 .

3. Do what you think you can’t.- In 2013 I squatted 225 lbs… at 115 lbs.  I thought I would be crushed! But it happened… and it gave me steam into 2014… my “do what you think you can’t” was starting this blog this year.  It was  something that I kept telling myself:

-You can’t spell and you have no idea where you should put a ,./…:; so on.

-What do you really have to say?

– … you just got lucky a couple times.

…so on… ya I doubted myself ALOT… it’s a battle I work on everyday, but it does get easier the more I know WHO I am and what my place in this world is.  How did I overcome this… I read a few books and I love podcast! (message me for the list)

4.  I wanted to start my .com .  I wanted to be able to help more people… even if It’s not a paid session.  These is the place I can do that.

5. I wanted to balance “clean eating” and “paleo” diet.  I still don’t eat a lot of bread… but I do eat pizza (still gluten free mostly) but I don’t freak out if I have something here and there with gluten.  (I don’t have an allergy I just keep very little in my diet).

6. Nathalia Melo Glutes- I know, I know I do not have her glutes… a girl can dream… BUT I have improved my glutes from 2013!

7. “Take time to live your life, will only inspire your work better”-  In the past I have let work take over my life.  I miss friends birthdays, family events, and become completely overwhelmed that I resented my job.

Last year I made it a point to join my friends at their birthday parties.  I said no to clients on Sunday afternoons. I also made Wednesday my day with my Husband… which meant no work or emails.  (I’m about 90% NO emails, text, or work… still a work in progress).

What I found from doing this is I’m not as burnt out and I enjoy the non-work life more because I made it a priority.  With the limits on both the work and social I am able to enjoy both knowing there is a time for each.

Moving forward: 2015

vision 2015

Last year was about myself… and growth.  I feel I have a firm foundation of who I am and what my goals are, so this year it’s time to build my SNL case 🙂

1. I want to buy a house in 2015.  In this house I want a sunny office that I can do my online business.

2. Reach 1,000 followers to this blog.  I know that is not a huge number but I’m not there yet so it’s step one! The goal is to use this blog as my hub for everything I do.

3. Help my Team Gemini member reach and crush their dreams… I want to create the Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wiig of the fitness world.  Strong females that know who they are and what they stand for.  Also, that show the fitness world that you can be classy, fun, healthy,  and sassy all together.

4.  I am a big superhero geek.  I think of my husband as Superman… now there is nothing wrong with Ms. Lane, but I do like to think I have some super strength Like Wonder Woman or Rogue. We would like to create our own little superhero this year.  This is actually the other reason I started this blog, to help document my journey through a some day pregnancy and the crazy world of raising a baby Hulk. 🙂

5.  Lastly, to make sure I keep a balanced life, I would like to schedule at least 1 trip.  We have a very good friend that lives in Vegas.  DUH of course we want to go to Vegas to get away from the Maine winter…. SOLD!

In closing, I encourage you to make your own vision board!

  • Have it cover each “area” of your life.
  • Make it clear and in living color (YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT….IN LIVING COLOR) sorry had to.
  • Make it positive! No – NOs….
  • Put it somewhere you will see it daily.  This will help remind you what you are reaching for.
  • Also check in with the vision.  Are you on the right path?
  • Nothing is to big or to small… each goal is a step in the right direction.
  • Be flexibility with the time line… but not the goal.

Happy holidays! I hope you’re 2014 was amazing and that you are ready to step up to the next level in 2015!

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” – Henry David Thoreau

Supplement “Stocking Stuffers” Savings

It’s the season for GAINS! Oh sorry I mean GIVING!

Are you or do you have someone on your shopping list that has giving up the chocolate bar for Quest bar?  Well YOU ARE IN LUCK! 🙂 I have teamed up with Portland Nutrition Corner in South Portland to help save your holiday and your wallet!

Present my business card to the guys at PNC with 3 or more of these items below and get 10% off

AND 4 free bars (quest or victory).

Runs through new years! How great is that!!

With that said here are some of the Elves favorite supplements and brands to make your holidays Happy and LITE Weight… sorry I did it again.. I meant Bright. 🙂


Dynamic Greens or Greens

raw greensGreens-Chocolate-9

Brand: Barlean’s or Garden of Life Chocolate

Why take them:

Most of us don’t get enough veggies in our diet daily, some groups suggest 9-11 servings which is about a cup.  This supplement has roughly 5 servings of those 9-11 servings.  Why do we need so many vegetables? Well besides the vitamins and minerals… they helps with with digestion.  This is extremely important in supporting your immunity and how your body functions and feels.  These greens are loaded with enzymes, probiotics and fiber to keep things moving!  If it keeps moving you keep moving!

Other great things from Greens:

A clean and healthy digestive system
• Increased energy levels
• Enhanced mental acuity
• Balanced pH in the body (another buzz word for this Detoxification) 🙂

Why did we pick this brand? It taste great as hot chocolate, mixed with milk, or with your protein powder.

FISH OIL / Omega 3’s

fish oilnodic 3

Without getting to deep in the science… I don’t want your eyes to glaze over… There are 2 ways to get your Omega 3s.

Vegetarians get omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) from things like Flax seed.  (but for my vegetarian friends know that Humans aren’t great at converting this in to the omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) which has had most of the benefits.)

Everyone still with me? Ok good!

The EPA and the DHA are what you should look for when you are taking fish oil.

Next is the source which the oil comes from.  The best fish oils come from small fish such as anchovies, mackerel and sardines in the deep, pure, cold waters of the North and South Atlantic Oceans and Pacific Ocean. Like with salmon, sourcing fish from these oceans ensures the oil is higher in quality than when it comes from a fish farm.

Some benefits of taking an Omega 3 supplement:

  • Reduced psychological distress
  • Improved brain development
  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Enhanced eye health
  • Reduced body weight (from overweight/obesity)
  • Increased skin health
  • Diabetes support
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Possible reduction in infant allergies if used during pregnancy
  • Possible reduction in chest pain (acute coronary syndrome)
  • Reduced age-related sight loss

Vitamin D

raw d3vegan d3

You may know we get Vitamin D from the sun… but when was the last time you were outside in the sun?  Some studies say that 20-30 minutes of mid-day sun on most of your skin produces 10,000 IU vitamin D.  Some people believe you can get the vitamin D you need from things like Milk…. well to get the amount of Vitamin D most people need you would have to drink around 40-50 glasses of milk a day! If you are like me you are inside,  wearing layers upon layers, and haven’t had milk in a while. It’s time for a supplement.

There are 2 types of Vitamin D (Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3) Medical science is leading physicians to recommend D3 as the preferred type of Vitamin D for optimal bone health, immune health and disease prevention.

Other things Vitamin D helps with

  • Healthy Colon & Digestion
  • Memory & Concentration
  • Breast & Prostate Health
  • Proper Cell Replication
  • Immune System

Multi Vitamins

womens multi mens multi

The body is an on going science experiment.  There are so many things that have to happen to make just your daily life happen. MOST, not all but MOST people don’t get the vitamins and mineral they need for optimal health.  Leading to fatigue, breaking down of your metabolic pathway, illness… so on. This is why we have multi vitamins.

Just like all these supplement it’s important to have a good quality multi vitamin.  Make sure you read the label to see what is in them before you buy.  That is what Chuck and Chris at PNC are great for!  They will help you pick the best ones for you and your healthy and fitness needs.

I am taking the Garden of Life brand.

Protein Powder

about time

Last, but not least… Protein Powder…. For those that workout regularly it’s goes hand and hand with daily coffee.  For me it goes in my coffee… Try it with iced coffee it’s a great pre-workout mix.

But Kristy I don’t want to “Make crazy Gains”… My answer to that is you are CRAZY! But if you aren’t into a routine workout, why should you use protein powder?  In short because again MOST people don’t get the amount of protein they need a daily to keep and develop lean body mass.  Even in your daily life, you the more lean body mass you have the easier/ more energy.

Other benefits to more protein in your diet:

  • Decreasing the loss of bone density associated with aging.
  • Weight loss by because whey protein seems to “stimulate two appetite-supressing hormones, CCK (cholecystokinin) and GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1)’. It also helps maintain glucose and insulin levels after later meals
  • Reductions in triglycerides in you LDL (your bad cholesterol)

BUT PLEASSEEEEE Look at what is in your Protein powder! Stay away from artificial sweeteners or additives.  Also, know what you want role you want your protein powder to take.  Is it to add protein to your diet or do you want your protein powder to be a replacement meal.

I like About Time Protein but it’s a very “clean” product with like added, (only about 4 ingredients).


*Always consult with your medical doctor before starting any new nutrition supplements, to ensure they are safe to take for your medical needs.*