Meghann’s Story

Life isn’t about being “fat” or “skinny”, it’s about being comfortable in your on skin. It’s all about what’s going on between each ear. This is Meghann’s story and how she realized that being “skinny” and “living” off of 700 calories a day wasn’t actually Life. 


When I sat down to right this blog post for Kristy I was really focused at first on how to tell my story without making myself sound pathetic. Then I realized that much of what has happened as a result of my decisions is kind of pathetic. So be it. It is my story.

I married when I was 20. The day I walked down the aisle my dad said to me before we walked down the aisle you don’t have to do this and I said I know Dad and I bawled all the way down the aisle because I didn’t want to do it. I was so afraid to disappoint people- this became a running theme for my 20’s.

I was married for 10 years to a good man. We had three beautiful kids together but I wasn’t happy and in the end I don’t think either of us was. There were a lot of mistakes on my part and the experience of divorce took a toll on my family that was unrelenting for years to come. I have spent many years trying to reconcile the guilt I feel for how the divorce impacted the three people that I love the most my children. Nothing could ever take that scar from them and I constantly worry that the pain will follow them forever into their adult lives where they may become unable to have a happy successful relationship. This is my why- it is critical that I give them the best Mom I can be.

It was then that I found out that although I couldn’t control my kids’ feelings, my feelings, the stress of covering all the costs alone, and my future what I could control was my weight. I felt so small and I developed a mindset that my outside should match my inside. It was then that I lost 15 pounds of muscle and became a shell of my former self. People at work started to ask if I was sick, family members worried that I was on drugs and my kids even would wrap their arms all the way around me and tell me I was way to small.

When I first met Kristy I told her how I was proud of my ability to live on under 1000 calories a day. I told her about my extensive Insanity/ cardio workouts and how I was so very proud of my ability to be 5’9 128 pounds. She looked at me with a smile and support and provided me with a lifting/eating plan for 30 days.

The first month with her I struggled to eat the food that she told me to eat. It was a complete change of mindset for me. I literally was living on two meals a day before I met her. Now I eat 5-6 times a day with reminders from my body that actually recognizes hunger again.

I am proud to say that I stuck with it and trusted her advice. With her advice I have gained 8 necessary pounds. That 8 pounds means  normal menstrual cycles and no more foggy brain. I now have a strong muscular body.

Most importantly and I cannot stress this enough- My outside matches my inside in a way that I am proud of.  I am connecting with my children in ways that I wasn’t able to when I was surviving on 700 calories a day. I am seeing the little moments in the day that I know I was missing before when I was foggy and grumpy from lack of food. I know that this change that I have made in my life thanks to Kristy’s guidance will allow my children to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. My goal is that the Mom I bring them every day is the strong, loving, funny and smart Mom they deserve.


Bye Bye Bingo Wings! Triceps workout

Helllloooo! Did you miss me? It’s been to long, I know.  I will write about my absences soon, but today lets get back into the swing of things with a few exercises.

We’ve covered the Glutes and Abs… now for the 3rd most asked for area… the back of the arm aka Triceps.

First a little education:

Triceps are not just Bingo wings… and yes through diet and exercise you can wave “Hi” with just your hand…not your whole arm.

The Triceps are made up of 3 “Heads”  Long, Lateral,  and Medial.  Each head of the muscle work together to extend your arm at the elbow.


The Triceps are worked when ever you straighten your arm under resistance.  Resistance can be a dumbbell, barbell, or your own weight.  You can isolate the muscle (working mostly just that muscle) or as a compound movement (working with another muscle).

Example of an Isolated movement: Pull down or Push down. See video below

Compound movement: Push up, bench press, Dips, close grip press. These all work Chest and Shoulders as well.   See video below

So why do you want to work the Triceps?

Real world- It makes any daily thing you do that straightens your elbow easier.  (Reaching for anything)

Vanity- Give your upper arm a great shape.


If you have any shoulder problem be aware of extreme range of motions (like dips).  ALSO PLEASE for the love of god do not swing the weight and move at your shoulder when you are doing a Triceps Kickback.  It’s better to use lighter weight to isolate the muscle instead of trying to use a heavier weight and have to pull in other muscles.


Triceps Push or Pull down

Tips- Relax your shoulders. Keep your chest up. Only move at the elbow. Press your upper arm against your body.


Incline Skull Crusher or French Curl (You will see this exercise called both)

Tips- Keep your elbow and should inline, bend at the elbow… don’t hit yourself in the head!

Tricep Push ups


Keep your upper arms by your body.  Move at the elbow… not the shoulder blazes.

Their success is not your failure.

I saw this amazing quotes last week:


Of course I thought right away of my upcoming competition.

In my sport I develop friendships with people that I stand next to… in a bikini…. and get judged on who has the better body… Ya! It can be a dangerous slope in to “hater mode”.

Even the most security person creeps on other competitor’s Facebook or Instagram and thinks… “damn… she has great (fill in the blank)…”  Then start to think less of your (fill in the blank).

For those that don’t do shows-  Here’s your world:

“Oh looking like Betty got a new car” or

“Frank is got a promotion” or

“Peg and Al are buying a BETTER house” …

Then you make the grumpy cat face…..

It’s human nature to want to be the best! We are wired for the “survivor of the fittest”.  Sure, there are some of us are more alpha people and may beat our chest a little more,  but we all want to be good, feel good, prove we can… the list goes on.

Whether your gut reaction is I NEED TO WIN AND THEY NEED TO LOSE! OR THEY ARE GOING TO WIN SO I WILL LOSE….  this isn’t Game of thrones!  If someone wins, doesn’t mean you lose.   So how do we play nice in the sandbox and not become green eyed monsters?

First, I think you need to be good with yourself.  If your parents pulled a Beverly Goldberg (if you don’t know who Beverly Goldberg is you are missing one of the best show on tv… THE GOLDBERGS) and told you, you were the best at everything… they lied There will always be someone better than you.  THAT’S OK! The real question is ARE YOU BETTER THAT YOU WHERE YESTERDAY? (Yesterday could be a day, a month, or years ago)… my point is ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE?

Next, it’s weird but try being happy for someone else… Even if they are your arch rival… and if they are a bad person.  I know, I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but you get nothing out of thinking negative thoughts about them.  Some people (hippies like me) think that if you send will-wishes to those negative people, you will have  better experiences with them.

But what about the people you care about… Are you a bad person if you get a kick to the gut when things go right for them and not you? I say, only if you stay in grump cat mode! SNAP OUT OF IT! THIS IS SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT.  Yes, it stinks when you don’t get everything you want but that doesn’t mean no one should get it.  If you care about someone you want them to be happy! Put your ego aside for the night and celebrate your loved one.  If you can let go of yourself just enough… it might bring you both closer.

As I’m about to step on stage with some of the BEST BODIES I’ve seen, I’ve had to remind myself that no matter what happens… everyone up there worked their ass off… and we all have things we are worried about.  But we shouldn’t worry about the person next to us. That person is more like you (me) than we know, and they have some of the same fears… So instead of adding to the list of things to worry about why don’t we celebrate our sisterhood! Step on stage, let our swagger shine, and celebrate all that we have accomplished with a spoon FULL of peanut butter!


Cheer ladies! I am honored and thankful to share the stage with you…. Sure I want to bring some cash money home with me… but that’s second to the friendships and moments I get to share with you… Plus there’s no taxes on that!


Keep Moving Forward!


Need I say more? Everyone like a good set of abs! So why not give them there own post! 🙂



Rectus abdominis 

External Oblique

Internal Oblique

Transverse abdominis


What do they do… besides look great in a bathing suit?

They support the “trunk”. 

Their job- flexion (think sit up in bed) and rotate the spine (turning and reaching into the back seat for your rice cakes)

Also, helps in breathing and all bathroom habits. 


If you have ever done a workout with me you know I stress posture a lot! Because of this I add at least 3 different abdominal/ “core”/ “powerhouse” exercises into my clients and my own workouts.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU STRENGTHEN YOUR BACK JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO YOUR ABS.   Like any other muscle group it is important to keep the right length- tension ratio.  What does that mean?  In short… you want to make sure all your muscles are pulling/ supporting your bones and joints at the right tension to prevent injuries. (think the support cables of a bridge).



My #1 exercise is what I call the Mini reverse crunch…. why mini…. because once you get the muscles working the right way you can make the movement bigger…. YOU’RE LOW BACK SHOULD NOT HURT WHEN YOU DO ABS. AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PUT YOUR HANDS UNDER YOUR BUTT.  You’re back tends to hurt because you aren’t using your Transverse Abdominis.  The Transverse is the deepest muscle in your abdominal.  Most people have trouble activating this muscle (I call it the Bermuda triangle of the abs). Here’s how-

Step 1- Lay down and let your body just melt into the mat.  Make a mental note of what part of your body is touching the mat. 

example- my tailbone, ribs/ shoulders, and head.  I have a high arch in my back…. if your back touches that’s ok… but if it doesn’t, don’t force it down by moving your pelvic and lifting your tailbone off the group.

Step 2- Pull your belly button to your spine… don’t hold your breathe. I like to put my hand there to help my brain focus.

Step 3- This step will vary for different people.  But in the video I start in the advance position with both legs up. You may start will both legs down… and lift 1 up at a time…. like you’re marching.  Be careful not to pop or rock in your hips.

Step 4- You see I am only moving about 1-2″.  IF YOU ARE HOLDING YOUR TRANSVERSE TIGHT YOU WILL NOT NEED TO MOVE MORE THAN THAT.   If you aren’t it will be very easy (for your abs…. tough on your hip flexors) to straighten your legs completely.

Try to do 2-3 sets of 15 reps to start.



Single Leg (you can alternate if you want) Straight Leg Oblique

In this exercise you are working your Obliques, transverse (if you are holding your belly tight), and your Rectus abdominis. (flexion, supporting, and slight rotation)

Tip 1- This is the advance level.  If this is to hard you can do a half bike, (bend you knee.  It takes the pressure off the hip flexor).


Tip 3- You can support your neck with your free hand.


Pilates Roll Up- This is one of my favorite movements. No matter how strong you are it’s a tough to do… and do right.  Sure,  you can make this easy by throwing your arms and kicking your legs to help you sit up… and you could just let gravity pull you back down to the ground after… But when you focus on controlling the movement and rolling the spine (in Pilates they call it articulation) It’s a killer workout both rolling up and down.

Step 1- Lie on your back with our legs out straight.  Reach your arms straight up to the ceiling… always keep your hands inline with your shoulders.

Step 2-  Pilates is all about breathing, so you will INHALE  and lift your chin to your chest bringing your head through your arms.

Step 3- EXHALE add “Scoop/ Roll up” I tell my clients image you are making a C with your body and you have to pull your belly button to your spine to get the top of the C (your head and shoulders) up…

As you sit up image your lowest rib growing away from your hips (DON’T LIFT YOUR SHOULDERS… INSTEAD THINK YOU HAVE A BIG BELT ON).

Step 4- The roll down is moving the opposite… so first you will let your tailbone, then low back, mid back, upper back, and lastly your head down to the ground.  WORK ON DOING THIS SLOW AND CONTROLLED.  Always remember to keep your transverse tight.



Lastly… we all know you can do 1000 of each of these, but if you aren’t eating right, and doing the right amount of cardio… you’re abs will forever be hidden.  Just a quick tip on this… watch what you drink.  The sugar in your drinks- coffee, soda, energy drinks, flavored almond milk, beer, and yes even delicious wine will add extra calories… which can all lead to extra inches to your waistline. 


If you would like more help with workouts or healthy eating tips email me at .

Until next time! Keep Moving Forward.


The Why behind it….



Ok friends, this is one of those deep post.  Surprise, Surprise.

I’ll try to keep it short and not ramble to much.  But knowing me that’s not likely.

When was the last time you stopped and though about WHY you do or don’t do things?  Here are some examples:

Why are you do what you do for a living?

Why do you eat pizza instead of chicken?

Why do you react when your loved ones says or does X?

Why did you start this journey to your goal?




My clients may think that this is my favorite thing to say.  When they are having a problem staying on track, the first thing I ask them is WHYWhy are you not staying on your path to your goal?  Why haven’t you started that goal? Why are you doing this in the first place?

I don’t just do this to you.  I’m  always asking myself why…  Here’s a few of my WHY’s

Why was I so scared to start this blog?

I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t “smart”…. when I spell or read I miss things, (you may notice a few here and there) and I don’t use the right grammar.  I write like I speak.

When you do something like this you are putting yourself out there for people to judge you.  Being judge is never fun… but whether you are in 5” clear heel, writing a blog, or walking down the street it’s going to happen.  It’s out of your control what people think or say about you.  I’m learning to have a thicker shell when it comes to this.  Also, I’m not trying to change people’s thoughts as much anymore.  (a work in progress).


Why do I eat the way I eat?

(Good)- without sugar coating… it’s so much cheaper to cook 95% of my meal for the week, then to buy it on the go.  I’m on the go a lot.  I schedule myself with 10 min buffers, so if there’s a line at Taco Bell and I needed to eat I would be screwed.  (I use to love Crunchwrap Supremes).

And of course it’s healthier to eat a stuffed pepper with quinoa, which helps me feel better.

(Bad)- Because yes even I get lazy and emotional…. There’s days that I want to say “F this. F you, and you.. you’re cool”  I just want to open a bottle of wine, throw a pizza in the oven, and sit down to do nothing.  I’m happy to say there are less of these days than in the past (because I ask the why) but I’m still working always being “strong”.  If I don’t “stay strong/ on my path”  I’m not going to reach my goals…. and that’s what it’s about.


Why I do what I do for a living?

This is not an easy job.  It’s going to sound like I’m complaning or saying poor me… and to you maybe I am, but anyways- My pay is never set, (some months higher some lower).  It’s long hours up early and in bed later.  I’m responsible for people’s goals… but I’m only in control of it for the x hour(s) I see or talk to them…. which me lead to being blamed if they don’t see results. (I know it’s not my fault… but some people still try to say it’s the trainers fault… yada yada yada).

It’s not a long list of negatives, but WHY am I still a personal trainer after 9 years?

Because when you watch someone walk through the WHYs of their life and they put the pieces together… that my friends is the most amazing and inspiring thing to witness.

Stepping on stage.  Having more self-confidences.  Having a better relationship with their loved ones. Doing a Pull up.  Getting out of bed without pain. It’s all things that lead to them having a more fulfilling life… and I was there to help move them forward.


To put a nice little bow on this… My challenge to you: Ask yourself  WHY are you doing the things you do day in and day out?  No matter what the topic…..

Be honest with yourself… (this can be hard) but once you stop and ask that why you can then take the next step to being and doing what you always wanted.  Stop holding yourself back from your greatness.


Keep Moving Forward.


FYI- I will be on vacation next week so there will not be a blog.  Work a little more on this topic! Let me know what you find out about your WHY.  I love to hear these things.


My Booty Work

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my lower half.  I also loved my quads (the front of your leg) but never really liked my hamstrings (the back part of the legs).  I had cellulite and hated to wear shorts.  I had always worked out but It was time to step it up a notch.  I was getting ready to step on stage in a small than I would normally wear bathing suit…. if you have ever been on Instagram you have seen what the IFBB pro’s booty look like…. I was no where close.

I enlisted the help of my old track buddy, nicknamed Rawcket because of his speed and power. I had always looked up the him in high school, like a big brother.  Rawcket was a great balance of encouraging and “don’t be a baby”. I would push myself in every exercise with him because I never wanted to let him down… he would have never let me hear the end of it if I did! 🙂 To say I worked my butt off is wrong… I worked that sucker on!  Over 7 months I worked legs one day alone and one day with Rawcket.  He helped me accomplish a goal I never had,  PR (personal record) squatting 225lbs.  I thought it was going to crush me. He just looked at me smiled, laughed, and said “You got this”.  I did… After that, stepping on stage in a bikini in heels seemed like no big deal.

Green suit- the week before my first show. April 2013 Red Suit- the week before my last PRO show.  May 2014
Green suit- the week before my first show. April 2013
Red Suit- the week before my last PRO show. May 2014

A little education for better booty:

You have 3 muscles that make up your “Glutes”

gluteal muscles anatomy

1. Gluteus Maximus- The biggest muscle… IN YOUR BODY!

2. Gluteus Medius- Sits near the outside of your pelvis.

3. Gluteus Minimus- Lies directly under your Medius

What do they do?

The main job is Hip extension and Hip Abduction.  Also, They look great in yoga pants.

3 of my favorite Glute Exercises:

3 way squat (feet together, normal, sumo) – I do these 3 different foot positions to change my base, with makes the muscle react different. Which leads to more power in all ranges of motions, in this case foot position.  The important thing to remember when you are doing any glute movement is to squeeze them at the end of your movement.  In this exercise, I like to use the smith machine to help with stability.  You do not need to use the Smith. You can do this with a box behind you, or in a squat rack.  I would recommend to keep the weight lower  and more reps.  If you would like to squat heavy your foot placement would be different, and you probably would need to get off the smith.  (different topic)

Cable Pull through- Works the posterior chain,(The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting predominently of tendons and ligaments on the posterior of the body. Examples of these muscles include the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, posterior deltoids, and so on.) This exercise helps people get the hinge movement needed to do a deadlift better.  Which will help you active your glutes more, and if they are working they are growing! Make sure you sit back with your hips, it’s not a squat.  Make sure not to round your back. keep your chest up. Squeeze your glutes at the top.

Single Leg Deadlift (Mid Height)- If you need help with balance this is a great challenge! Just like everything you do make sure you have good posture.  Move from the hips and squeeze at the top of the movement.  To help you understand where you will feel it… think of if at your Booty smile lines.

Funny butt

No matter where you are in your booty progression remember it takes time! Stay with it! 70% of your body shape is genetic… so work that 30% to the best of your ability!