The Lazy Ladies Meal Prep

It is no secret, I am not a great cook.

When it comes to my food I keep it very simple. I don’t do any fancy sauces.  It doesn’t need to look pretty. Really, it just needs to be cooked enough so it wont kill me…. I know I set high standard.

Some days, like this weekend… after work, errands, and all the things that are on the to do list, I would rather sit on the couch and watch Adam Sandler movies prepping my meals is the last thing I want to do . Billy Madison may help make my abs better by laughing so hard (yes, I still laugh).  I know if I don’t do prep my meal I will have to either make food on a busier week day OR buy somethings pre-made… which hits the wallet and the macros more than I would like to.

A show of hands who has been there before? There’s no tricks and you still need to do it.  BUT here’s your promise to keep it simple!

Step 1: Make your plan for the week.

I normally make food for 6 days, leaving Wednesday as my “free” day. No, that does not mean I go out to eat or stay from my path really.  Normally, this meals I might  try my hand at making a fancy dinner (key word try) .

Step2: Make your shopping list for the store.

I write out my list to the oz/ servings I will need. This week:

Chicken 36 oz

Turkey 36 oz

Tuna 6 packs (which I forgot but I have 2 at home already)

Egg whites 3-4 different veggies for the 6 days (this week Green beans, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Asparagus)

Gluten Free bread

Quinoa/rice/ sweat potato


Coconut oil

Cottage Cheese


This was all about $45 for the 6 days of food.

I already had:

Oats Nuts/ Nut Butter


Protein powder


Step 3: Plan your attack.

One of the reason I’m not a great cook is I can never get the timing down. Something is always done way before the rest of the things.  For meal prepping for the week that’s not a huge deal but I’m a clock racer… always trying to get one more thing done in a day.  This is also one of the “excuses” I get from my clients…. “Kristy, I just don’t have the time”… I say again, keep it simple.

Start time 7:30pm

Start oven and pan on stove.

Get the meats and the sweet potato going. Remember this is lazy meal planning so the sweet potatoes are washed and thrown into the microwave. (Yes, I know it’s not the best, but this is about quick and easy not if I’m going to die from eating microwaved foods).

Mrs. Dash is as creative as I get. This is the southwestern chipotle blend.
Mrs. Dash is as creative as I get. This is the southwestern chipotle blend.

Wash the veggies and cut them. Because I’m very lazy I’m not going to cook the green beans.  I’m just going to eat them raw, they have a great snap to them. 🙂  I did cook the broccoli and the asparagus after the turkey was done So I could use the same pan. (Saving on dishes and clean up)


The hardest and the task that takes the longest… find Tupperware and it’s matching cover! BRRR


Once everything is cooked I weight and measure out the meat and the carbs. But because I am not in prep I don’t measure my veggies, I just make sure I have at least 6-8 cups a day.

Done and cleaned up but 8:08.

The clean up crew

I know  the plan above seems so easy… THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS.  I get it… we all have the thing(s) that take so much energy to start, but all you need is to get the ball rolling.  (A confession I hate folding and putting laundry away… I have NO energy for that) 😉

I will leave you with  a link below… and yes, this applies to more than just prepping your food.

Keep Moving Forward.

Ladies Eat Your Protein

Last week I was working a demo for Betancourt Nutritional Supplements at a local gym where more than once I was asked by a female…

“Protein shake? I don’t what to get fat or too bulky!”

I was SHOCKED that there are still ladies out there that haven’t learned how important protein is to achieve our health and fitness goals.  Lose weight. Gain a booty. Less hungry throughout the day (once you get over your emotional tie to food that is). Protein helps with all of these.

Yes, if you eat ANYTHING in excess you will gain weight, but protein is not likely to be the problem. For most people it’s too many low quality carbs and fats along with not moving enough (enough is based off your body’s needs).

What is Protein?

If you Google it you will get this definition:

Any of a class of nitrogenous organic compounds that consist of large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and are an essential part of all living organisms, especially as structural components of body tissues such as muscle, hair, collagen, etc., and as enzymes and antibodies.¹

In layman’s terms, protein is (without getting too deep into the science) a bunch of amino acids joined together.  Amino acids are the building blocks of life that help our everyday functions.

There are 2 types of amino acids:

Essential amino acids, ones that our body can not make enough of

Non-essential amino acids, ones that our body can

protein jug

Kristy… Ok I know I should eat protein because my body needs it? But why does it need it? Where do I get it from? And how much?

Great questions! 🙂

We need to INGEST PROTEIN (eat or drink) for 2 reasons:

1. We need to get those Essential Amino Acids from somewhere.  Without them our body would not function, making every day life activities more difficult.

2. The body does not store protein as much as it does carbs and fats.

Once you ingest and digest protein, it enters the plasma pool of amino acids. (Think of this as your bank account).  But like your paycheck, it doesn’t stay in the bank for long.

Protein is used in:

-Cellular growth/ repair (from the muscles of your heart to your glutes)

-Producing hormones (hormone like glucagon which can help to control body fat. Glucagon is released when blood sugar levels go down.  This causes the liver to break down stored glycogen into glucose for the body

– The creating or helping the functions of your body’s enzymes & antibodies

Where can I get protein from? 

To keep it simple the easiest way to get protein is to eat anything that comes from an animal.




-Supplements like shakes (casein, whey, beef, and egg)

High Protein, Low carbs could save your life! :)
High Protein, Low carbs could save your life! 🙂

For people that are Vegan/ Vegetarian:

-Chick peas

-Hemp seeds


-Supplement shakes (Chickpea, Hemp, Sunflower)

* Soy is also a protein, but I highly recommend limiting your soy intake.

Yes, nuts/nut butters (like Peanut, almond, etc), cheese, and grains like quinoa do have protein, but they are not a complete protein and are more of a fat or carb.

How much should I eat? 

For a sedentary but healthy person  (someone that sits a lot and does not work out)  the minimum amount needed DAILY is .8g x kgs of body mass.  This amount in the MINIMUM that your body needs to replace the amount of protein turned over in that plasma pool in a day.

For an active and healthy person the recommendation is between 1.0-2.0g x kgs of body mass. (1lb = .45kgs about) to build and recover from your daily life and activities.

Kristy… I did the math… how am I going to get that many grams of protein in on a daily basis?

Some of the tips I give my clients:

1. Make sure you have some kind of protein source every time you eat.  Here’s a good starting point for the “everyday person”.  Think of a serving as the size of your palm.

B- Eggs

S- Nuts

L- Meat

S- Shake

D- Meat

2. Supplement with a protein shake. Most protein powders are between 15-36g per serving.  *If you are looking to lose weight watch the added sugar/carbs.  I like to keep my carbs lower in my shakes, but if you are looking to add weight you can go for one with added carbs.

If you have any other questions when it comes to how protein can help you lose, maintain or gain weight, email me at and I can help you with a meal plan.

Check out this blog about different protein supplements:


¹ Google Search of Protein, 2015

² Precision Nutrition:  Flatt JP 1978; Tappy L, 1996; Blom WA et al., 2006; Latner JD, Schwartz M, 1999.