Why I didn’t blog during my pregnancy

Well hello there! It’s been a while.  You look great!

Oh, this… ya I had a baby, crazy right!

Enough small talk.  I know I kinda left you hanging, but not really because I was cheating on you with my podcast, Champion Chat 360. Sorry?!  I don’t have to spell check the Podcast.  You can listen to the podcast here Champion Chat 360 Itunes. It will give you some more insight if you want on the week to week updates through this past year.

Before I got pregnant I planned on blogging about my pregnancy in hopes to give insights to others.  As the weeks went by I started to realize:

1- I had no answers to help others

For someone that likes to have answers it was tough! I know I don’t know everything, but before pregnancy I thought I knew a good amount. I was wrong. Yes, I know what  glycolysis is, and how to get the glute to activate in a lunge. But pregnancy was a strange new world to me.

It’s amazing how far we have come in understanding the science of pregnancy, but there are still so many questions. Questions like,  why at any moment I hated everyone! 🙂 Yes, I know it’s hormones but WHY? Why do some pregnant women have mood swings like I did, what is the purpose of it.  Because of that I didn’t feel like I could give people answers to why things where or where not happening.

I didn’t want to give information to people that wont facts for them. I didn’t want to lead them to worry or become discouraged. Be pregnant is hard enough, we don’t need more to worry about. Which leads me to may next point.

2-It really is different for everyone.

Image result for what to expect when you're expecting

Some ladies have morning sickness. Some turn into raging bitches. Some gain 70lbs. Some “glow” the whole time (think of the movie What to Expect When Expecting).

Sure there are some things that are explained in most pregnancy books, but for most first time preggors it’s full of questions.  There are so many things that go into it I didn’t know about. They say your Mother’s pregnancy is a good indicator of what your pregnancy will be.  But some of us are having children later in life.  My Mother had me at 16. Her body was much different than my 32 year old body.  My Mother never worked out. She wasn’t told what to eat or not to eat for the most part. And she didn’t have the health care I was able to have.

What I do know is what happen to me.  So I will write about my journey from being pregnant and the road back.  Back to where? I’m not sure yet, but I’m bring you along. Promise. 🙂

Meghann’s Story

Life isn’t about being “fat” or “skinny”, it’s about being comfortable in your on skin. It’s all about what’s going on between each ear. This is Meghann’s story and how she realized that being “skinny” and “living” off of 700 calories a day wasn’t actually Life. 


When I sat down to right this blog post for Kristy I was really focused at first on how to tell my story without making myself sound pathetic. Then I realized that much of what has happened as a result of my decisions is kind of pathetic. So be it. It is my story.

I married when I was 20. The day I walked down the aisle my dad said to me before we walked down the aisle you don’t have to do this and I said I know Dad and I bawled all the way down the aisle because I didn’t want to do it. I was so afraid to disappoint people- this became a running theme for my 20’s.

I was married for 10 years to a good man. We had three beautiful kids together but I wasn’t happy and in the end I don’t think either of us was. There were a lot of mistakes on my part and the experience of divorce took a toll on my family that was unrelenting for years to come. I have spent many years trying to reconcile the guilt I feel for how the divorce impacted the three people that I love the most my children. Nothing could ever take that scar from them and I constantly worry that the pain will follow them forever into their adult lives where they may become unable to have a happy successful relationship. This is my why- it is critical that I give them the best Mom I can be.

It was then that I found out that although I couldn’t control my kids’ feelings, my feelings, the stress of covering all the costs alone, and my future what I could control was my weight. I felt so small and I developed a mindset that my outside should match my inside. It was then that I lost 15 pounds of muscle and became a shell of my former self. People at work started to ask if I was sick, family members worried that I was on drugs and my kids even would wrap their arms all the way around me and tell me I was way to small.

When I first met Kristy I told her how I was proud of my ability to live on under 1000 calories a day. I told her about my extensive Insanity/ cardio workouts and how I was so very proud of my ability to be 5’9 128 pounds. She looked at me with a smile and support and provided me with a lifting/eating plan for 30 days.

The first month with her I struggled to eat the food that she told me to eat. It was a complete change of mindset for me. I literally was living on two meals a day before I met her. Now I eat 5-6 times a day with reminders from my body that actually recognizes hunger again.

I am proud to say that I stuck with it and trusted her advice. With her advice I have gained 8 necessary pounds. That 8 pounds means  normal menstrual cycles and no more foggy brain. I now have a strong muscular body.

Most importantly and I cannot stress this enough- My outside matches my inside in a way that I am proud of.  I am connecting with my children in ways that I wasn’t able to when I was surviving on 700 calories a day. I am seeing the little moments in the day that I know I was missing before when I was foggy and grumpy from lack of food. I know that this change that I have made in my life thanks to Kristy’s guidance will allow my children to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. My goal is that the Mom I bring them every day is the strong, loving, funny and smart Mom they deserve.


Sissy that Walk: Down the Road to the Cup- Part II

On to the Yorton

I had six weeks after the KC show to get a little leaner, but not to lean. No big deal right? BRRRR This is the tightrope we as Bikini competitors walk. If I lose too much weight then I would place lower for being too lean. If I filled out in a “bad way” I wouldn’t be lean enough.  In this time I fell “flat”  (for those that don’t know what that means- my muscles didn’t look as full/ my skin didn’t look as tight around my muscle).  Andrew saved the day by adding carbs/meal and cutting my cardio… so all and all “staying where I was, but a little lean” wasn’t THAT bad ha!



As the weeks ticked on I started to second guess myself a little. I thought maybe I should change my posing. I thought “maybe I can’t place 1st… Maybe I’m look too Girl-Next-Door and not enough Victoria’s Secret…. Maybe I want a doughnut!?”

Then I was reminded of the advice my husband, one of the best athletes I know, once gave me:

“There are hundreds of players just as good as Michael Jordan or LeBron James… the difference is that MJ and LeBron KNOW they are the best.”

Imagine what we could do if we stopped second guessing ourselves…. (deep stuff there)

Because I’m not MJ or LeBron, I left myself little reminders that I was capable of achieve my goal.

I put post-its around my house: in the bathroom, on my nightstand and on the fridge door. I made myself a poster of me and the Yorton Cup and made it my screensaver on my iPad and phone. No matter where I looked I was reminded of my goal and the outcome I was working to make come true.  Yes, I know I can’t control what happens when I walk on stage, but I did know I could walk out there feeling like THE Kristy Leconte. (cheesy but true).


Kristy going for the cup

Show Time

Normally the week leading up to a show I have a mental countdown.  This time it wasn’t like that.  People would check in on me… “How do you feel?” The answer… “Nothing. Really. It doesn’t seem like the show is in X days.” I was so focused on what I had to do in the moment that I wasn’t looking ahead.  During my cardio I put my hat on, hood up, closed my eyes and envisioned myself on stage (a tip from Andrew). With every meal I thought of how it was fueling my body to be the best it could be. With every posing practice I called upon my inner Diva, her name is Felicity.

The drive to the show was about nine hours.  I listened to a book I listened to earlier in my prep “The Champion’s Mind” which helped me stay mentally focused. There weren’t moments of doubt like I had in the past.

When I got to the check-in I was relaxed.  Normally I’d have a mini anxiety attack at that point. Maybe it’s the polygraph, or when they give you your numbers, that normally made me think and feel suddenly “this is real,” but this time… nothing.

Next, it was tanning time. Yvette and her team were amazing and took all the stress out of standing in a tent naked and cold! 🙂

After all of my “to do list” was done and it was just and my thoughts again, I wasn’t nervous. I visualized hitting my poses, my walk and being called as the Yorton Cup Champion over and over again.  I prepped my mind just like had done with my body.

Day of the show I drove to the venue cool as a cucumber, which again isn’t my normal state. I normally get a rush of heat, get watery eyed, with my heart racing, and it gets hard to breathe just for a minute. This time I was in what some athletes call a “flow state.”

Backstage I enjoyed seeing everyone I had stalked for months on Instagram and actually talking to them in person, but I didn’t lose sight of my goal. Oh don’t act like you don’t do it!

During prep judging I wasn’t moved at all, but I did realize that they put one of the competitors I knew would be one of the top competitors next to me. I didn’t focus on it. I just did what I had practiced for hours without second guessing myself (which yes… I had done on stage before).

I didn’t know where I going to place after prep judging, but you never know in this sport. I took the rest of the show to enjoy my time with my best friend and other competitors (really one of the best parts of show… the people you meet).

kristy yorton

Sissy that walk to the top five!

In our league our evening show is made up of our Twalks, a 60-90 sec stage walk that we do alone.  I enjoy this, but I normally just go with whatever music they play. This time I picked the song “Sissy That Walk” by Ru Paul (I watched a lot of Ru Paul Drag race during my cardio sessions). I knew every beat to the song… it was like Ru herself took over for the 90 secs (which was the longest I’d done before). I was in a little bit of “awe” with how great it felt!

Next thing I knew they were calling the top five out. I was the last one called. I was standing closest to the front of the stage, with each place I took a step closer to the remaining competitors.  Five, four, three… I took a deep breath and said to myself one more time (FIRST place Kristy). Second place was called… instantly tear rushed to my eyes.  HOLY SHIT… I DID IT! Cry face and all… I WON THE YORTON CUP (I’m a crier, ever since the first time I saw Bambi).  My best friend was there to hug, thank goodness because I was a little weak in the legs and in full cry at that point (thanks Heather… she hates hugs). By the time I was backstage the husband was there.  I threw my arms around his neck and he picked me up like he did on our first date 15 years ago.

The show was live-streamed and by the time I got to my phone I had a mess of text messages, facebook messages and posts, and a missed call from 2014 Yorton Cup Champion Danika Johnson. It was surreal! It wasn’t cloud nine…. it was higher than that! I had reached a dream I had strived for! Holy shit.. again I did it.

I know this post might not help you at first, but in closing (finally… this was a long post, I know) with no bullshit here (thanks Michael, Chuck, and Andrew for never letting me BS myself)… Stop getting in your own way.  For some reason we think everyone else has this secret power and that maybe if we just knew what that was we would be better. Well, I really hate to burst your bubble, but the only difference between you and “the winner” is… hard work. Listen…. the only thing that makes me different from you is probably time in the field, posing and understanding my body. Maybe you will come across a liar that says they didn’t have to diet or do cardio. Don’t let them fool you! It takes hours in the gym (both cardio and weights need to happen) and following an eating plan. Even IIFYM people cut down to chicken, turkey, rice and sweet potatoes in the end (don’t be fooled).

You will be at the gym for about 1-2 hours a day. You will eat 90% “clean foods”. You will get your sleep.  You might feel weird about eating out Tupperware, making a special order out or not eating with your friends and instead just going out with them to enjoy their company. This is only for a small period in your life. Like I’ve said in the past, remember your why! When times get tough (because they will, this is not an easy sport) you can cry a little, but suck that shit up and get back to working towards your goal!

YOU will get there! Keep moving forward.


The Lazy Ladies Meal Prep

It is no secret, I am not a great cook.

When it comes to my food I keep it very simple. I don’t do any fancy sauces.  It doesn’t need to look pretty. Really, it just needs to be cooked enough so it wont kill me…. I know I set high standard.

Some days, like this weekend… after work, errands, and all the things that are on the to do list, I would rather sit on the couch and watch Adam Sandler movies prepping my meals is the last thing I want to do . Billy Madison may help make my abs better by laughing so hard (yes, I still laugh).  I know if I don’t do prep my meal I will have to either make food on a busier week day OR buy somethings pre-made… which hits the wallet and the macros more than I would like to.

A show of hands who has been there before? There’s no tricks and you still need to do it.  BUT here’s your promise to keep it simple!

Step 1: Make your plan for the week.

I normally make food for 6 days, leaving Wednesday as my “free” day. No, that does not mean I go out to eat or stay from my path really.  Normally, this meals I might  try my hand at making a fancy dinner (key word try) .

Step2: Make your shopping list for the store.

I write out my list to the oz/ servings I will need. This week:

Chicken 36 oz

Turkey 36 oz

Tuna 6 packs (which I forgot but I have 2 at home already)

Egg whites 3-4 different veggies for the 6 days (this week Green beans, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Asparagus)

Gluten Free bread

Quinoa/rice/ sweat potato


Coconut oil

Cottage Cheese


This was all about $45 for the 6 days of food.

I already had:

Oats Nuts/ Nut Butter


Protein powder


Step 3: Plan your attack.

One of the reason I’m not a great cook is I can never get the timing down. Something is always done way before the rest of the things.  For meal prepping for the week that’s not a huge deal but I’m a clock racer… always trying to get one more thing done in a day.  This is also one of the “excuses” I get from my clients…. “Kristy, I just don’t have the time”… I say again, keep it simple.

Start time 7:30pm

Start oven and pan on stove.

Get the meats and the sweet potato going. Remember this is lazy meal planning so the sweet potatoes are washed and thrown into the microwave. (Yes, I know it’s not the best, but this is about quick and easy not if I’m going to die from eating microwaved foods).

Mrs. Dash is as creative as I get. This is the southwestern chipotle blend.
Mrs. Dash is as creative as I get. This is the southwestern chipotle blend.

Wash the veggies and cut them. Because I’m very lazy I’m not going to cook the green beans.  I’m just going to eat them raw, they have a great snap to them. 🙂  I did cook the broccoli and the asparagus after the turkey was done So I could use the same pan. (Saving on dishes and clean up)


The hardest and the task that takes the longest… find Tupperware and it’s matching cover! BRRR


Once everything is cooked I weight and measure out the meat and the carbs. But because I am not in prep I don’t measure my veggies, I just make sure I have at least 6-8 cups a day.

Done and cleaned up but 8:08.

The clean up crew

I know  the plan above seems so easy… THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS.  I get it… we all have the thing(s) that take so much energy to start, but all you need is to get the ball rolling.  (A confession I hate folding and putting laundry away… I have NO energy for that) 😉

I will leave you with  a link below… and yes, this applies to more than just prepping your food.

Keep Moving Forward.

Bye Bye Bingo Wings! Triceps workout

Helllloooo! Did you miss me? It’s been to long, I know.  I will write about my absences soon, but today lets get back into the swing of things with a few exercises.

We’ve covered the Glutes and Abs… now for the 3rd most asked for area… the back of the arm aka Triceps.

First a little education:

Triceps are not just Bingo wings… and yes through diet and exercise you can wave “Hi” with just your hand…not your whole arm.

The Triceps are made up of 3 “Heads”  Long, Lateral,  and Medial.  Each head of the muscle work together to extend your arm at the elbow.


The Triceps are worked when ever you straighten your arm under resistance.  Resistance can be a dumbbell, barbell, or your own weight.  You can isolate the muscle (working mostly just that muscle) or as a compound movement (working with another muscle).

Example of an Isolated movement: Pull down or Push down. See video below

Compound movement: Push up, bench press, Dips, close grip press. These all work Chest and Shoulders as well.   See video below

So why do you want to work the Triceps?

Real world- It makes any daily thing you do that straightens your elbow easier.  (Reaching for anything)

Vanity- Give your upper arm a great shape.


If you have any shoulder problem be aware of extreme range of motions (like dips).  ALSO PLEASE for the love of god do not swing the weight and move at your shoulder when you are doing a Triceps Kickback.  It’s better to use lighter weight to isolate the muscle instead of trying to use a heavier weight and have to pull in other muscles.


Triceps Push or Pull down

Tips- Relax your shoulders. Keep your chest up. Only move at the elbow. Press your upper arm against your body.


Incline Skull Crusher or French Curl (You will see this exercise called both)

Tips- Keep your elbow and should inline, bend at the elbow… don’t hit yourself in the head!

Tricep Push ups


Keep your upper arms by your body.  Move at the elbow… not the shoulder blazes.

What Meditation Taught Me

A show of hands.  How many of your are thinking 5 different things at any given moment?  Good! I’m not the only crazy one.


In today’s world we are pulled in so many different directions, it is understandable to at times feel overwhelmed.  We start the day with our “To-do list” and as time ticks on, more and more things come up.  Being someone that gets satisfaction for crossing off the to do list, adding more to it can give me a little anxiety.

About 8 weeks ago I reached the tipping point for me.  I was making breakfast one morning and realized I started my oats, cutting my  apple, poured my protein shake, put my lunch in my bag… all without finishing one completely.  My head was spinning out of control.  I decided I had to get a grab.  I have realized I do these things when I am under/ causing myself more stress.

For a while I had been listening to a podcast at night that helped me unwind form the day.  It was great because normally I was sleep by the time the voice said “now feel the waves wash over your….zzzzzzzz”. It wasn’t great because all day I was stressed and it was taking my energy from other things in my life.  I realized I was being REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE.  Instead of letting myself get all worked up as the day went on and then relax, why not start the day with a sense of peace and clarity I was really looking for.

Now, like most of you may be thinking, how the heck can you sit (without moving) and no think of anything? Well like my fitness journey I decided to take it one phase at a time.

Phase 1:

I started to meditate for 5 minutes every morning.

inner peace

I didn’t make it a big production.  There was no candles, flowers, chimes, or pillows.  I did it mostly when I could, which was in my car before work or when I was blow drying my hair.  I know it’s not the way it “should be done” but I’m a rule breaker… just kidding… I just made it fight into my life. 

Phase 2:

At first I was a little frustrated because I thought I had to think of NOTHING… how is that possible? This isn’t Seinfeld!  I soon learned it’s not thinking about nothing.  Actually it’s the act of focusing your mind and thoughts back to a “center” or whatever your goal is for that meditation faster.

medate funny 2

To me meditation is practicing the discipline of getting your “energy”/ “focus” back to the your goal faster.   Every time you are able to “let a thought pass by” or in my case bring myself back to thinking  my goal, the more peaceful and focus you become. As you get better at doing this you are less distracted by little things that come in to your thought or even come up in your day. (Like obstacles, doubt, and fear) .


After doing this for 8 weeks I have seen a change in myself?

I don’t feel like the white rabbit running around worried about what I have to do next. This is a HUGE change for me.  I normally worrying about the emails I have to return or what the next thing on the “to-do list”.  I remember one of my mentors Stella tell me he practicing focusing on one thing at a time.  I was in my mid 20’s and I thought there is no way to do that and get things done.  I was wrong.

Meditation has helped me be more present… in the moment.  This is a work in progress and I’m ok with that.  I do feel I am getting better at enjoy the task, event, or person in front of me at that moment.  Just like Stella was trying to tell me- it would helping me be a better trainer, worker, friend/ family member, and wife.

Interestingly, it has helped with my workouts.  I’m no longer worried about what my body will look like in X weeks,  instead I  focus on what I am doing right now which will help me reach my goal.

In closing, don’t worry if your mediation does look like typical.  Start off slow and reminder you wont be perfect.  The important thing is that it helps you in the ways you need it.   There is no right and wrong… just what is best for you.

Yes, this made me LOL
Yes, this made me LOL

Namaste and stuff! 🙂

What I am Grateful for…..

If you are someone that doesn’t like my sappy, cheesy, or silly post…. You may want to close this one now… IT’S ABOUT TO GET DEEP!

OK, now that those of your that like this kind of crap are here lets do it! …. Let’s talk about being grateful!  I know, I know I MIGHT over use the word… along with blessed, thankful, happy… and so on.  But I really am! HA  I haven’t always been… Which is why I talk about HOW I AM NOW.  And nope… not every moment is a sunshine and rainbow one (said as Rocky) … but when the storm clouds roll in I remind myself of the great things, making the storm less severe.  I’m not making this up…  study say, by writing down what your are grateful for daily for 3 week… your life satisfaction increases by 25%.

Every night I run through the day and list the things I’m grateful for.   I like to add a little memories (jokes or sappy things) to them… it really makes it stick.  Here’s some of my list:

The Husband, Superman, THE Big Guy, The Packer fan (one thing I am not grateful for)

The husband and Greenbay's trophies grrrr
The husband and Greenbay’s trophies grrrr

– People wonder why I call him Superman… it’s not because of his size and strong (even though CLEARLY that is one of the many things I have loved about him since I was 15) It’s because he swipes me off my feet and saves the day.  *See I told you sappy, cheesy, silly*  Even when he’s the one driving me crazy (which he does sometimes… I am human) Just the way he is, I can’t stay mad around him.  Maybe because he makes me laugh LOT! Or because he takes away all my anxiety.  I love when we just get in the car and go… any where without the cell phone.  Maybe it’s that since we were “kids” he was always able to pick me up to hug me… Or maybe it’s because we are both Weirdos! 🙂 Every day I’m thankful for the path our lives took to get us where we are.




– This dog is my best friend! He like my Husband…. make me laugh and has been my furry shoulder to cry on. (Not saying the husband has furry shoulders… you know what I mean) I am thankful for every time my alarm goes off he wakes me with puppy kisses… I’m also thankful I don’t sleep with my mouth open!

All dressed up
All dressed up



– Mom’s side. Dad’s side. The in-laws! All of them! My family is huge for support.  In the worst times they were there to take care of me… even from 1400 miles away.  Also, they put up with me! As so of you know, I am a Gemini… and my family has seen both sides of this Gemini.  They let me be the hyper kitty and give me space when I am the grumpy cat… but not to much because they also call me on that stuff pretty quick! Which I also appreciate.

Also my mom gives the best hippie (heart to heart) no joke she will chicken neck you until she gets your heart lined up to yours… This makes me smile.

Dad and Me
Dad and Me
My sister in laws and I at the MACY'S Thanksgiving day parade (bucket list)
My sister in laws and I at the MACY’S Thanksgiving day parade (bucket list)
My cousin... but more like sister Mo
My cousin… but more like sister Mo
Mom, My brother, and Me last xmas 2013
Mom 5’2, My brother he’s about 6’1, and Me 5’3 last xmas 2013 🙂


– One good thing about living in different states over the years are the people you meet…  it sucks when you move away from them. We are all in the real “Prime of our lives” so time is spared thin.  This makes us  great with the quick check-ins.

My friends are funnier than ours!
My friends are funnier than yours!


One of my favorite things is when my friend Megan says me a text almost every Wednesday saying “Mike Mike Mike” No matter what time of day or what I am doing,  when I open that text I Laugh out Loud!

PJ and I JAMMING out to JT probably in 2006. The one person that ALWAYS tell me if I'm F'ing up!
PJ and I JAMMING out to JT probably in 2006. The one person that ALWAYS tell me if I’m F’ing up!


I am also thankful for when they keep me in check.  My closet friends are the ones that tell me like it is… in a caring way.  I have so much respect for them!  I love that they care enough about me to not sugarcoat if I’m being unreasonable.


My Career

– The places I have been and the people I have meant in this path I have chosen blows my mind! Here it comes… I feel blessed for what I have been able to do.  I lived in the GREAT city of Chicago. Got Bevo. Got a ton of Education.  Meet some of the people I cherish most.

Minnesota Coworkers Club 1
Minnesota Coworkers Club 1
Minnesota Coworkers Club 2
Minnesota Coworkers Club 2

Boss, clients, co-workers, sponsors… everyone that I have worked with has shaped me into the female I am today! Yes, my job is to help OTHERS  change their lives and achieve amazing goals… that they didn’t  know if they was possible. BUT when they chose me to help guide them on their path they give me some much more than a payment.  They gave me insight on about myself.

Maine Event 2014
Maine Event 2014
One of my Sponsors Portland Nutrition Corner
One of my Sponsors Portland Nutrition Corner

I’m at the point in my career that I only work with people that really want to achieve their goals.  That doesn’t mean I only pick people I get a long with.  I take on clients that are hard working and that challenge me to be a better coach and person.  They are why I keep learning, reading, and writing this blog.

Without my career and my clients I would be a hot head, reactive, unhappy girl/ woman.  It was through them I learned passions, empathy, and to keep moving forward!


So THANK YOU to all everyone that crosses my path! I am thankful for every insight you give me!


Before I add this blog here are some silly things I am thankful for:

-Reese Peanut butter Cups

-No setting an alarm


– Hair ties that don’t stretch out

– Wine DUH!

– Tina Fey, Amy Poelher, Mindy Kaling,Kristin Wig,  Melissa McCarthy… The cast of New girls

– yoga pants… another DUH

-puppies/ cats/ any animal thing online… oh and cute babies!

-picture of my friends and I from the ages of 18-25

Kara and I (age 24)
Kara and I (age 24)
HA! Chi town in Cail Jersey Beer Pong.  (age 24)
HA! Chi town in Cail Jersey Beer Pong. (age 24)

-Any SNL from…. well really any time.

– Katie-lee and Hoda (goal in life)

– coupons you will never use but keep just in case


-Frank Sinatra


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tell the ones you love what they mean to you! Have a laugh! It burns calories!