Client Testimonials

Casey’s Story:

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Kristy Leconte! I was really frustrated with the fact that I was exercising and eating clean, but had gained weight. Over the past 5 months, Kristy has given me the tools to change my body in a way I thought was impossible.

I have lost 21 pounds! My original goal when I started was to get to 15% body fat and I succeeded! I literally did a happy dance! Each month, the workouts and nutrition from Kristy help push me to the next step, but more than that, being able to reach out to her with any questions, concerns, or even just having a bad day, she is ALWAYS there to give me great advice and pick me up! I was terrified to have a cheat meal thinking it would ruin my hard work. I knew that wasn’t true, but Kristy really helped talk me through it, and she said, “one cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one salad won’t make you fit.” Even though I know this, I needed to hear it! She has helped balance my fitness, nutrition and my thinking about goals.

I’ve worked out for a long time, I’ve eaten clean and dieted for a long time, but I never had the proper balance. I was actually exercising too much, and I had no clue about the proper balance of macros. Now, I am much more balanced. I continue to push forward and make progress towards my goals (and I just look at Kristy’s booty pictures for inspiration!). Kristy is an amazing coach because she shares her journey as well. It’s motivating and helpful to know we are all human! If you have fitness goals, big or small, Kristy is an extraordinary coach and friend!

casey 1

casey 2


Nikki’s Story:
I have never given much thought to how I balance my life, and when asked, I really had to think…. how do I balance life? With three kids under the age of 10, working overnights as an Emergency Department nurse, keeping a house up and running, being a wife, and finding time for me, I guess it is easy to say my life is organized chaos.
It was in the late winter of 2013 that I had been feeling down; I was unhappy with my physical and emotional health. I knew it was time for me to be someone other than a mom and wife. So, in April of 2013, I decided I needed to find a gym, a trainer, and a lot of self-motivation. I joined the local gym at which my husband was a member and finally found the courage to contact a trainer, Kristy Saunders. This was the start of my fitness journey. Though I didn’t have weight to lose, I did have strength to gain and muscle to build. Over the past six months, I have not only found a love for fitness but I have found self-confidence, comfort with my body, and a new-found fitness goal to compete as a bikini competitor in the OCB Pine Tree. This event will be held in April of 2014, exactly one year from the start of my journey.
As for the balance and the ability to train, eat healthfully, and find time to commit to my fitness goal – well, some days there is no balance!!! Life will throw things at you for which you cannot plan. What you can plan are meals, having a meal prep day is key. You can also plan your workouts for the week, and always keep in mind that a quick workout is better than no workout. I have also learned that I cannot get down on myself if I miss a day at the gym or eat a bad meal…. we are all human! Just refocus and get back on track. Finally, I have found that the gym and training is my balance. It is an hour a day of my time, my music, and my focus. My kids are not asking for a snack or to play a game, the housework will still be there when you’re done at the gym, and if you are happy, your spouse will be happy. Take the time to do something for yourself.
If you are unsure where to start, I would highly recommend contacting a trainer. Kristy (Saunders)

This is Nikki before we started workout, when we had been working out for a little while but before her show prep.
This is Nikki before we started workout, when we had been working out for a little while but before her show prep.
This is Nikki after 12 weeks for show prep! She placed:  2nd in Debut 1st in Novice  3rd in Open
This is Nikki after 12 weeks for show prep! She placed
2nd in Debut
1st in Novice
3rd in Open

Leconte has helped me find this balance. She has not only guided me through the physical aspect of health but she has provided me with emotional support and constant reinforcement. No matter what your fitness goal is, she can help guide you! Stop thinking, “I will start tomorrow,” and start today!

Since this review Nikki competed in her first show (see above ).  She is now training for her second OCB show.
Lisseth’s Story:
Kristy (Saunders) Leconte… What can I say about my experience?I had a baby in May, and was getting married in December, 6 and a half months later. I went for a run for the first time when my daughter was 12 days old. I was determined to be in great shape for my wedding; which was on a beach in Mexico. Meaning that not only would I need to be in a wedding dress, but in a bikini just 6 1/2 short months after giving birth. I have always been a very healthy eater, and have always loved to work out. I have a bachelors degree in Exercise Science, and worked teaching strength training classes years ago.  After working in an entirely different field for over 5 years, things had definitely advanced and changed. And I hadn’t studied any of this fitness business in a long time.

From 2 weeks after birth, I was running a few times a week and doing Insanity videos while my baby napped. I couldn’t bring her to the daycare in the gym until she was 3 months old. Once I started to get back into the gym, I felt like I needed a routine, and someone to push me. I have known Kristy for a few years and thought that if I was going to put my trust in someone for the most important day of my life, who better?!

From day one Kristy was awesome!! I didn’t feel like she was just giving me the same workouts or nutrition information that she gave everyone, it was specifically for me. She took into account what I liked to do and what I was used to doing as well as what I am used to eating. She also answered all of my questions almost faster than I could ask them! I saw progress within the first few weeks! There were a couple times when I got discouraged and Kristy was there to push me in a positive way and make me feel like I shouldn’t give up. When my eating choices were not going as specifically planned, she got me back to reality real quick 😉 Having Kristy there for accountability and to check in on me made me feel awesome and have a ton of confidence in myself that I could and would look AMAZING on my wedding day. I felt like she was a part of my wedding planning process! I even had a special ‘Wedding Peak Week’ plan for the week before I left!! Looking at my pictures of my wedding, I could not be more happy with the way I looked in that dress!! I am constantly being asked how I am in that kind of shape so soon after a baby. The things that Kristy taught me will stick with me! I have and will continue to live an extremely healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and feel awesome about myself! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Lisseth enjoying her wedding and honeymoon.
Lisseth enjoying her wedding and honeymoon.
Sam’s Story:
When starting my journey with impact fitness, I was not sure what to expect and I was very scared about joining a small gym. When having my first visit at the gym with my trainer, it was clean, friendly, and very inviting to work out in. And most of all, I felt safe. Safe to workout and not be looked at funny as I have experienced in other gyms because I was “on the bigger side”. The staff has always been very friendly, encouraging, and positive. The best gym I have ever worked out in hands down.
Kristy Saunders has been my trainer out of impact fitness for 2 months now. She is not only but a good trainer, but a great friend also. She has pushed me to be strong, positive, and happier in mental and physical strength. She has helped me find a better eating plan and gym plan to help me loose a total of 45 pounds since the month of December. It has been an emotional and difficult journey, but the tools I have been given will make me stronger for the future.
Sam's Before
Sam’s Before
Sam's after
Sam’s After
Heather’s Story:
Heather on the day of her first show
Heather on the day of her first show


For years I’ve had a big desire to compete in figure competition. Being a 37 year old single mom
of two kids. One with special need a and a full time RN I wasn’t sure I would have the time or discipline to do what it takes. In October 2014 I was referred to Kristy Leconte as a potential coach. We meet and talked discussed some goals and plans and she honestly told me what it was going to be like and what I would need to do to be ready for Pinetree Competitiom on April 2014. We met up again the following week for measurements. I was shocked when I came in at 26% body fat and about 145lbs. Within 8 weeks of working with Kristy I dropped to 17%  body fat. Kristy was always available. She would check in multiple times a week. She tailored my meals to my life. She never took out an entire food group. She was my backbone and stood beside me through the entire prep. I walked on stage at 12% body fat and 124 lbs. none of this would of been possible without the knowledge, dedication, commitment from Kristy. She cares about her clients. Her work ethic is amazing. She will push you and guide you and give you the tools you need to make a change. Whether you want to compete, just maintain a healthier life style her goal is to help you and to teach you how to maintain that life style. If you are looking to make that change Kristy would be the place to start.

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